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work instructions number rev15 technical delivery conditions title aa-tl035 06.04.2017 scope prohibition and declaration list rittal international author department approved release date j schnaubelt qm-l dr lang 10/08/2004 sulfurous acid lead salt dibasic cas 62229-08-7 ec 263-467-1 lead cyanamidate cas 20837-86-9 ec 244-073-9 manufacture of plastics products including compounding and conversion reach 12/2012 svhc pa reach 12/2012 svhc pa svhc candidate list substances added to another 6 echa 12/2012 4-nonylphenol branched and linear ethoxylated [substances with a linear and/or branched alkyl chain with a carbon number of 9 covalently bound in position 4 to phenol ethoxylated covering uvcb and well-defined substances polymers and homologues which include any of the individual isomers and/or combinations thereof ammonium cas 3825-26-1 pentadecafluorooctanoate ec 223-320-4 apfo cadmium cas 7440-43-9 ec 231-152-8 cadmium oxide cas 1306-19-0 ec 215146-2 dipentyl phthalate dpp cas 131-18-0 ec 205-017-9 pentadecafluorooctanoic acid pfoa cas 335-67-1 ec 206-397-9 in wash solutions textiles used in insulators for electric wires fire fighting foam and outdoor clothing reach 06/2013 svhc pa reach 06/2013 svhc pa many common industrial uses as it is a key reach 06/2013 component in battery production is present in svhc cadmium pigments coatings and is commonly used in electroplating use as a glass additive and as catalyst in reach 06/2013 hydrogenation and dehydrogenation of organic svhc synthetic chemistry reach 06/2013 as plasticizers in pvc products children s toys svhc used in insulators for electric wires fire fighting reach 06/2013 foam and outdoor clothing carpet-care svhc liquids home textiles industrial floor wax and wax removers sealants pa pa pa pa svhc candidate list substances added to another 7 echa 12/2013 cadmium sulphide cas 1306-23-6 ec 215-147-8 disodium 4-amino-3 4 2,4diaminophenylazo 1,1 biphenyl 4-yl]azo -5-hydroxy-6 cas 1937-37-7 phenylazonaphthalene-2,7ec 217-710-3 disulphonate c.i direct black 38 cas 84-75-3 dihexyl phthalate ec 201-559-5 imidazolidine-2-thione 2cas 96-45-7 imidazoline-2-thiol ec 202-506-9 trixylyl phosphate substance substance group cas 301-04-2 ec 206-104-4 cas/ec-nr part of production of anorganic pigments additive of production of electronic parts reach 12/2013 svhc pa kann als pigment in textil und anderen farben eingesetzt werden reach 12/2013 svhc pa plasticizers for cellulose and vinyl plastics t cas 25155-23-1 ec 246-677-8 disodium 3,3 1,1 biphenyl]4,4 diylbisazo bis4cas 573-58-0 aminonaphthalene-1-sulphonate ec 209-358-4 c.i direct red 28 lead diacetate t n common use as vulcanization accelerator in chloroprene and polyacrylate rubber articles multiple use as a chemical in industry flame retardant implemental for metal treatment engineering lubricants hydraulic oil plasticizers reach 12/2013 svhc reach 12/2013 svhc pa pa reach 12/2013 svhc pa t use as a pigment in textile dyes and other paints reach 12/2013 svhc pa t n common industrial use in coatings ang paints reach 12/2013 thinners paint remover filling compounds putties svhc modelling compound pa hazard usage source relevance d/p pa z svhc candidate list substances added to another 4 echa 06/2014 1,2-benzenedicarboxylic acid dihexyl ester branched and linear dihp cas 68515-50-4 ec 271-093-5 sodium perborate perboric acid cas sodium salt ec 239-172-9 used as lubricant in steering fluid and as plasticizers in plastics and coatings t xn xi o reach 06/2014 svhc pa used as intermediate in chemical reactions and as reach 06/2014 bleaching agent mainly in household and svhc professional detergents pa 21