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the principle pioneering energy efficiency thanks to dc inverter technology incredibly efficient eco-friendly ◾ by using dc inverter technology as standard ◾ 55 less refrigerant as a result of using microchannel technology speed-controlled components and an electronic expansion valve the cooling power is ◾ no galvanic corrosion as the microchannel heat exchanger is 100 aluminium adapted automatically to the load profile of the relevant application as a result only as much amazingly economical power is generated as is actually needed ◾ energy savings of up to 70 ◾ elimination of the optional hgbp hot gas ◾ longer service life due to component-friendly bypass control which means the compressor no longer needs to run continuously cooling ◾ high control accuracy thanks to needs-based transparent efficiency comparison dc inverter technology with two regulating ◾ energy efficiency ratio eer – modes the standard-compliant efficiency value ◾ excellent operational reliability thanks to integrated flow sensor overflow valve and ◾ seasonal energy performance ratio sepr – electronic fill level monitoring the power-specific efficiency value for actual annual energy consumption easy to calculate ◾ calculate energy savings with the efficiency calculator ◾ precise payback calculation medium temperature in °c 1 2 target 20°c hysteresis blue e 3 4 hysteresis old 4 k 5      electrical interfaces master switch water connections adjustable overflow valve drainage rittal climate control/blue e chillers rittal specifies the sepr to indicate a chiller’s actual efficiency since a precise calculation must be made in a power-specific temperature profile the standard point for determining the eer does not make allowance for actual fluctuations in load profiles 5