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lifecycle it creating your ideal solution from numerous modules discover the possibilities “ we’re there for our partners throughout the lifecycle of their data centres – from the initial idea all the way through to the ultimate operation we have perfect tailor-made solutions for each and every phase.” martin kipping director international it projects at rittal

your benefits at a glance ◾◾scalable and flexible ◾◾available fast ◾◾on or off-premises ◾◾run in-house or as a service ◾◾purchase or lease possible as the layer model shows scalable products and solutions are offered for all phases of the lifecycle and also across all integration levels for example the rittal it components – it rack it power it cooling it monitoring it security and service – can already be integrated at the physical infrastructure level ot – operational technology to create system solutions ranging from individual rack applications and edge data centres all the way through to security room solutions and complete data cen cycle it solutions integration delivery it components tres based on the modular rimatrix system working with partners it components such as servers switches and storages can be integrated into each of the above-mentioned system so­ lutions the data centre can be set up

edge data centre know the shortest route and you’ll get there faster evaluating your data is no exception the digital transformation means a radical shake-up for many sectors of industry new techno-­ logies such as smart cities connected cars streaming services and mobile data naturally offer new opportunities but huge volumes of data also need to be held and processed rapidly to ensure success in the era of industry 4.0 you need increasingly flexible and modular it solutions to make sure this works efficiently quickly and reliably ideally these should be located where the data is produced i.e close to your production operations this is where edge data centres come into their own combining short latency times with exceptional computing power and optimum reliability the rittal edge data centre is a platform for rapidly devising a solu­ tion that can be used flexibly in any it environment it is made up of rittal ts it racks and modules for climate control energy’s track systems ensure fault-free reliable rail transport worldwide having a fail-safe high-capacity in-house data centre is essential for managing the international projects efficiently so what happens if company headquarters is relocating but the data centre cannot be moved into the new building straight away rittal’s flexible container solutions kept things on track reliable robust and flexible a rittal data centre container rdcc was quickly produced that could be used flexibly at different locations and required no structural changes at the new head­quarters the robust design with multi-layer wall roof and floor elements offers reliable protection against unauthorised access the completely pre-installed energy distribution system which guarantees a full energy supply to the container even in an emergency and the fire detection and extinguishing system also help ensure maximum reliability redundant 20 kw cooling systems were installed for climate control

high-performance computing small but powerful maximum cooling output in the minimum of space “ rittal has exceeded our expectations with the lcp system which combines a high cooling output in a small space with optimum availability.” heiko krupp research assistant at the university of kaiserslautern’s regional university computing centre

high-performance computing when the heat is on in data centres efficient cooling of high-performance servers high power density is a key requirement in high-performance computing hpc where there may be several thousand processors in a single it rack and because a latest-generation cpu generates more heat than a hotplate an increase in power density places great demands on the cooling system when hpc clusters are running sim­­­­ulations or other computationintensive applications the processor cores often operate at full load for days when that happens every single processor generates enormous quantities of waste heat which have to be dissipated reliably this task is often made more difficult by the fact that the rack systems are packed so full an hpc cooling system therefore needs to produce a high cooling out­put of up to 55 kw per rack while also minimising the volume of air ensuring dynamic adaptation of cooling when switching the blade servers on and off and

big data is the key issue driving many sectors of business trade and industry not only will data volumes grow exponentially in the future but a company’s success will increasingly depend on fast and efficient data processing standardised it architectures as a solution there are probably few companies anywhere in the world that need to process larger volumes of data than facebook close to two billion people use this platform to share their day-to-day lives with fellow users facebook not only needs a powerful it infrastructure but above all control over the costs incurred and the high energy requirements in order to tackle this task facebook started the open compute project ocp with partners including intel rackspace and goldman sachs the aim is to use an innovative completely standardised it architecture to lower the in­vestment and operating costs for a data centre while also being more environmentally friendly the ocp platform is open to everyone sharing ideas and know-how

data centre as a service perfectly honed it solutions scalable complete configurations for every need “ rimatrix s combines transparent costing with quick delivery – the ideal solution for modler.” stefan sickenberger director of innovo cloud gmbh

your benefits at a glance ◾◾maximum flexibility thanks to cloud-based services ◾◾fully virtualised data centres ◾◾capex and opex models available it as a service end user/customer xaas service model managed services paas dbaas saas multi cloud management tooling integration layer itaas virtualization management iaas self services e.g openstack dcaas compute network storage virtual private data centers it hardware components it/ot monitoring dcim caas rack power cooling physical layer infrastructure ot rimatrix balanced cloud container

lefdal mine datacenter solutions with depth rittal and the lefdal mine datacenter the lefdal mine datacenter lmd sets new standards the five-storey tunnel system with 75 chambers provides 120,000 square metres of infrastructure space with a potential total capacity of 200 megawatts “the lefdal mine datacenter will put everything else in the shade” claims andreas keiger rittal’s senior vice president sales europe rittal is on board with this superlative project as a strategic technology partner rittal will supply standardised rimatrix s data centre modules to the lmd which score highly in terms of flexibility and cost efficiency the preconfigured space-saving modules are supplied in containers and comprise ten or twelve server racks which are ready to use immediately complete with power distribution climate control and software for mo­nitoring and it infrastructure management this allows the flexible use of it systems for everything from colocation and private

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