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needle nose pliers needle nose plier slip joint pliers thread milling cutter wire end ferrule slip joint plier 7 mm hex socket non insulated crimp terminals stainless steel enclosure wire 18 awg 4 cables 12 mm hex socket 10 mm hex socket slotted head screws bit strip and crimp slotted head screws wire stripper for 40 awg wire 5 x 40 slotted head screws push button switch push button switches quick release fastener 42 x 20 x 9 ball bearing stainless steel 6 mm 42 x 30 x 7 ball bearing 10 awg 2 wire 16 awg 3 wire cable push button switch coated 30 x 20 x 8 ball bearing cross section 40 awg push button switch accessories 42 x 20 x 12 ball bearing cables and wires cables and wire terminals and connectors types of pliers 12 12 x 13 x 12 12 storage boxes 7 in stainless steel building automation system automation systems interconnect panel build 4 conductor building cable 3 conductor building cable ergonomic handling systems side panels side panel climate control panel height adjustable system push button panel push button panel switch handling system handling systems marking systems cable entry system clamping tools for steel panels system of lubrication system of fit hole punches

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new business unit “rittal automation systems” rittal automates enclosure manufacturing the new rittal automation systems business unit extends rittal’s comprehensive range of solutions for panel building and switchgear engineering by taking over the entire product range of its sister company kiesling rittal is continuing to expand “the system” offering a comprehensive range of equipment for professional workshop operation alongside the potential efficiency gains from using assembly-friendly enclosure systems an extensive range of system accessories and intelligent software solutions there is also a growing focus on the automation of manual tasks in order to accelerate individual production stages rittal automation systems offers a range of automation concepts which may be cost-effectively adapted depending on requirements and the size of the company the product portfolio ranges from manual tools through to fully automated machining centres automation 4

automation in enclosure manufacturing perforex lc 3015 machining centre the 3d laser technology in the perforex lc 3015 is ideally suited to the machining of stainless steel and sheet steel as well as powder-coated metals such as enclosure doors side panels etc spray-finished metal parts are cut without any visible paint damage or discolouration even with delicate contours what is more there is no tarnishing of the cut edges when machining stainless steel the perforex lc 3015 is cost-effective from machining volumes of around 150 stainless steel enclosures or 300 sheet steel enclosures per annum technical specifications machining of material thicknesses up to 3 mm ◾ machining range w xhxd 2300 mm x 1280 mm x 800 mm ◾ for product ranges from ae to ts 8 machining of cubes on all sides ◾ very narrow cutting width of just 0.3 mm approx ◾ no need to clamp the workpieces ◾ item name model no lc 3015 perforex laser centre

wire processing in enclosure manufacturing cutting machine c 8 the cutting machine c 8 is sure to impress with its simple reliable handling wires with up to 8 mm or 10 mm2 diameter may be cut to an individually set length ensuring more efficient operating processes for medium to large batch sizes additionally excellent repetition accuracy is guaranteed thanks to the precise servo dc drive cutting jobs from the cutting machine can also be managed documented and transmitted with a pc via a usb interface jobs are easily programmed and executed ◾ with an integrated operating terminal easy opening of the feed rollers ◾ cable diameters up to 8 mm or 10 mm2 ◾ eplan pro panel interface ◾ controllable pressing force of the feed rollers ◾ simple insertion of the wires ◾ item name model no cutting machine c 8 4050.450 wire dispenser 4050.463 accessories spare blade 4050.465 optional accessories for convenient removal

ergonomics in enclosure manufacturing assembly frames and lt 1000 storage and transport trolley when it comes to the automation and rationalisation of processes throughout every stage of machining assembly wiring and testing of enclosures we have the right ergonomic solution for you our assembly frames are mobile tiltable and depending on the version height-adjustable frames for mounting plates and enclosures all types offer simple variable fixing of mounting plates using quick-release fasteners are independent from the mains power and take up minimal space when not in use for easier handling of enclosure panels we additionally offer the storage and transport trolley lt 1000 numerous adaptation options available widening to 1900 x 1900 mm ◾ wire routing ◾ wire reel holder ◾ reel track for side insertion of mounting ◾ plates tilt-adjustable and optionally height-adjustable ◾ for ergonomic effective time-saving

screwdriver screwdriver insulated with a long slender handle and high-performance tip with non-transfer insulation benefits – minimal force required thanks to ergonomically styled handle – handle head with anti-roll protection and clear screw labelling – black coated blade tip to preserve precision and accuracy of fit – handle 30 and insulation up to 50 slimmer than comparable tools – optimum interconnection of hand and handle supports higher torques and longer fatigue-free working material – blade chrome-molybdenum-vanadium alloy – handle core hard plastic – handle body elastic highly flexible plastic colour – handle anthracite and rittal pink standards – en 60 900 – vde – gs further technical information available on the internet for slot-head screws blade tip blade width x thickness mm blade length mm blade dia mm handle length mm handle dia mm packs of model no sl 3 x 0.5 100 3.5 105 25 1 pcs

bits and bit holders industrial bit set for cordless screwdriver with long shaft precisely manufactured screwdriver with a long shaft for industrial use benefits – robust viewing box – secure storage technical specifications – tool adaptation e 6.3 ¼ blade tip length mm packs of model no sl 3.5 x 0.6 mm sl 4 x 0.8 mm sl 5.5 x 1 mm ph 1 ph 2 z2 73 1 pcs 4053.400 tx 10 tx 15 tx 20 tx 25 tx 30 tx 40 73 1 pcs 4053.410 material – high-quality special tool steel supply includes – set with 6 bits – viewing box further technical information available on the internet bit set with bit holder 7-piece bit set with a practical assortment of quality bits with a short shaft and magnetic holder benefits – one-handed operation – function as auxiliary screwdriver blade tip length mm packs of model no tx 25 tx 30 tx 40 ph 1 ph 2 ph 3 25 1 pcs 4053.420 technical specifications – tool adaptation c 6.3 ¼ supply includes – set

insulation stripping tools wire stripper for stripping cables and conductors self-adjusting with ergonomically styled handle replaceable insulation stripping blade benefits – flexible end stop for the insulation stripping length – practical integrated wire cutter – automatic adjustment mechanism for a wide range of insulations and conductor diameters – dies compatible with all types of pliers may be replaced in a few actions – two-component handle with anti-slip soft zone colour – handle anthracite and rittal pink further technical information available on the internet accessories – spare blade see page 41 for cross-section mm² awg length mm note packs of model no 0.02 10 34 8 191 – 1 pcs 4054.300 1 pcs 4054.310 1 pcs 4054.305 0.1 4 28 12 191 also suitable for rubber and silicone insulation 4 16 12 5 191 – stripping tool for cables Ø 2.5 11 mm for stripping cables vertically hinged blade for creating round

hole punching tools hydraulic punches manual hydraulic punch design packs of model no straight 1 pcs 4055.000 for punching round square and rectangular cutouts with 90° angled and 360° rotating cylinder head 1 pcs 4055.010 benefits – extend tool life with a built-in overpressure valve flexible with hydraulic hose and separate cylinder 1 pcs 4055.020 punching capacity – round punch up to Ø 82 mm – square punch up to 68 x 68 mm – rectangular punch up to 46 x 86 mm – punching force 75 kn material – aluminium supply includes – manual hydraulic punch – hydraulic screw Ø 19 mm – hydraulic screw Ø 9.5 19 mm – hss pilot drill Ø 11 mm – spacer sleeve set 3-part – plastic case further technical information available on the internet electrical hydraulic punch packs of model no 1 pcs 4055.040 for punching round and square cut-outs benefits – extend tool life with a built-in

hole punching tools hole punches splitter hole punch set pg 9 to pg 21 for sheet steel with triple splitting for punching round cut-outs the hole punch is operated with a wrench or hydraulic punch design – with triple splitting supply includes – 6 dies – 6 stamps – 2 tension screws with ball bearing Ø 9.5 x 50 mm – hss pilot drill Ø 10 mm – 1 tube of lubricant paste – plastic case note – when operating with wrenches tension screws with ball bearings should be used further technical information available on the internet accessories – hydraulic tension screw see page 57 52 for pg Ø punch mm hydraulic tension screw model no maximum machinable material thickness sheet steel mm packs of model no 9 11 13 16 21 15.2 18.6 20.4 22.5 28.3 30.5 4055.661 2 1 pcs 4055.582 rittal automation

hole punching tools hole punches hydraulic tension screws for higher loads accessories for hole punches required as a connecting part between the die and stamp hydraulic tension screw Ø mm packs of model no 9.5/19 1 pcs 4055.664 11.1/19 1 pcs 4055.665 benefits – hydraulic tension screw made from high-alloy tool steel for higher loads note – for operation via hydraulic punch further technical information available on the internet notching pliers punches slots quickly and easily saves the timeconsuming process of filing the grooves for antitwist protection of push buttons switches and instruments slots in sizes 3.2 mm and 4.8 mm can be created maximum machinable material thickness sheet steel mm packs of model no 2 1 pcs 4055.690 benefits – long service life – stamp and die made from hardened tool steel – easy punching with large leverager material – handles plastic-coated 58 rittal automation

enclosures power distribution climate control it infrastructure software services you can find the contact details of all rittal companies throughout the world here xww00058en1606 ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾