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security rooms and it infrastructures a perfect it environment provides the optimum basis for perfect business rittal designs builds and optimises data centres on your behalf making an effective and efficient contribution to your corporate success we will advise you agree the details and develop perfect-fit solutions down to the smallest detail it-compatible fire alarm and extinguisher systems early fire detection uninterruptible power supply modular power distribution and back-up high-availability it security rooms 4 rittal security

identify potential threats quickly imagine a complete system failure the screens go dark production comes to a halt this could be the outcome of various threats to the it environment these threats are many and diverse fire water smoke dust unauthorised access and last but not least data theft and industrial espionage fire gases water 䡲 destruction by flames 䡲 cold smoke 䡲 heat damage 䡲 hot smoke 䡲 defective water and wastewater installations 䡲 threat from extinguisher water 䡲 destruction of circuit boards 䡲 impairment from excessive relative humidity 6 䡲 flooding 䡲 extinguishing water damage dust emc unauthorised access 䡲 dust drawn in from the ambient air by the active components in the data centre 䡲 influence of the it equipment by electromagnetic irradiation 䡲 access to the data centre by unauthorised individuals 䡲 compromising electromagnetic radiation from the it components 䡲 manipulation and

clearly defined availability availability is the main parameter for assessing it and data centres every percentage point after the decimal point means several hours less downtime per annum this translates into hard cash a concept for protection from physical threats is therefore in every company’s business interest protection requirements availability high-availability room basic protection plus room basic protection room downtime 8 rittal security

comprehensive quality guarantees the definitions of basic protection basic protection plus and high-availability security rooms are largely determined by their fire protection equipment high-availability rooms from rittal are certified to ecb·s and satisfy en 1047-2 without restriction while the basic protection rooms satisfy din en 1363 ecb·s certification offers the following benefits 䡲 system-tested room 䡲 compliance with european standards 䡲 maximum quality protection thanks to – independent quality monitoring of the production plant – registration of every high-availability room built – inspections during room construction 䡲 improved rating situation 10 䡲 transparency for banks and insurance companies rittal security

basic protection room and basic protection plus room gsr standard protection from fire extinguishing water corrosive gases vandalism unauthorised access dust falling debris theft/burglary your benefits with gsr gsr plus and hvr ◾ system-tested protection ◾ multi-functional risk coverage ◾ dust and noise-reduced installation ◾ dismantling and reassembly plus extendibility investment security ◾ adaptation of the different room systems high security requirements the basic protection room provides a system-tested solution for protecting infrastructure components such as extinguisher systems uninterruptible power supplies and cooling the basic protection plus room also offers solid basic protection for it in addition to protection of infrastructure components with hvr only ◾ system-tested high-availability protection ◾ ecb·s certification ◾ independent quality monitoring structure of the basic protection room ◾ element core

carefully thought-out solutions in every detail investing in the physical security of it requires long-term concepts for adaptation and energy-efficient operation in this regard rittal provides a tailored solution for every application side panels these elements are available in standard widths and scalable in the height system control of the security room corner elements predefined panels on a 90 degree angle door systems fire-resistant multi-walled sheet steel door leaf adapted to suit the room type cable and pipe sealing systems a range of different variants facilitate the secure entry of cables and pipes into the different room systems 14 rittal security

details that create benefits the benefit often lies in the detail in particular security-relevant interfaces decide whether the concept is viable that is why we attach particular priority to this aspect modular the modular structure of the basic protection rooms and the high-availability room facilitate installation even in hard-to-access locations flexible the room elements with a 600 mm width pitch pattern and a variable height pitch pattern may be flexibly adapted to the existing premises and space requirements extendible the option of extending the room at a later date or relocating it elsewhere allows you to invest according to your requirements providing a high level of investment security 16 rittal security

perfect service for “rittal – the system.” tailored solutions for your individual requirements – all from one partner that is “rittal – the system.” our entire expertise is combined into a single system package in a synthesis of products engineering tools and services this system package is rounded off by rittal international service the name says it all because our services are indeed available to customers worldwide a total of 58 subsidiaries more than 150 service partners and over 1,000 service technicians guarantee regional proximity and fast response times predictable costs are the outcome of individual maintenance contracts an international presence alongside regional proximity ultimate service quality coupled with a transparent budget – that is our international service our it service package for you 䡲 always at your side whenever you need us with our on-site technicians 䡲 contactable around the clock 24 hours/day

a modern data centre for kaiserslautern kaiserslautern has emerged as an important it location with the pfalz region acquiring the nickname “silicon woods” being home to numerous innovative companies these companies now have the option of outsourcing their it infrastructure to the demando gmbh data centre alongside its own applications the company now also hosts it applications for other local authority establishments in two separate data centres 20 rittal security

dynamic company growth the requirement dynamic company growth necessitated a move to bigger premises for asset management company universal-investment a new data centre the most time-critical element of the project was to be built at its new site in frankfurt/main the new data centre was planned on one of the office floors covering some 100 square metres of conventional building the plan originally intended to award the works contracts separately for each of the data centre components however this inevitably led to complex planning and an intensive coordination process technical zone rimatrix s single 6 the solution universal-investment appointed a team of specialists from canzler-ingenieure to carry out the relocation and rebuilding using the rimatrix s modular data centre from rittal this cut down the relocation period by two months in rimatrix s the customer has a fully pre-assembled data centre including it racks cooling power distribution and monitoring the rimatrix s is

enclosures power distribution climate control it infrastructure software services you can find the contact details of all rittal companies throughout the world here xww00128en1703 ◾ ◾ ◾ ◾