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sp17_layout_rizzoli.v8.qxd:fa05 layout 001-032 v4 copy.qxd 7/9/16 4:49 pm page 2 2 studio 54 ian schrager foreword by bob colacello in the first official book on the legendary club cofounder ian schrager presents a spectacular volume brimming with star-studded photographs and personal stories from the greatest party of all time there has never been—and will never be—another nightclub to rival the sheer glamour energy and wild creativity that was studio 54 from the moment it opened in 1977 studio 54 celebrated spectacle and promised a never-ending parade of anything goes from the cutting-edge lighting displays to its elaborate sets it was the beginning of nightclub as performance art now studio 54 explores this cultural zeitgeist and gives us schrager’s personal firsthand account of what it was like to create and run the most famous nightclub of our age with hundreds of photographs many of which have never been seen before of celebrities and beautiful people and

sp17_layout_rizzoli.v8.qxd:fa05 layout 001-032 v4 copy.qxd 7/9/16 4:49 pm page 15 15 elizabeth peyton dark incandescence essay by kirsty bell this beautiful volume focuses on a five-year period in elizabeth peyton’s evolving career to suggest not only a visual chronicle of an age its heroes heroines and interests but also of an individual’s life—that of peyton herself elizabeth peyton’s work has been acclaimed since the early 1990s when she began exhibiting her intimate portraits of artists musicians historical figures and friends this new volume prepared by the artist in collaboration with designer brendan dugan founder of karma bookstore and gallery presents a concentrated view of a period bookended by two exhibitions in brussels one in 2009 and the second in 2014 a time of introspection and the development of a more personal painterly language this phase of peyton’s work is about a new realism and a considered situating of her interests and

sp17_layout_rizzoli.v8.qxd:fa05 layout 001-032 v4 copy.qxd 7/9/16 4:50 pm page 27 27 digit@l girls the style of fashion’s new tribe marko macpherson today’s leading online cultural influencers—the female bloggers designers entrepreneurs and activists—who are shaping what’s hot and what’s not in fashion beauty and personal style the fashion media landscape has evolved drastically with the emergence of fashion’s newest vanguard of pioneering women whose unique takes on fashion and beauty have propelled them to become true powerhouse personalities via their blogs websites and social-media profiles these independent digital influencers who sit in the front row of fashion shows front major brand campaigns and collaborate with luxury brands—whose sense of fashion and style thousands of followers now aspire to—have turned their online personalities into household names through intimate interviews and stunning photography by marko

sp17_layout_rizzoli.v8.qxd:fa05 layout 001-032 v4 copy.qxd 7/9/16 4:51 pm page 39 39 the art of dressing ageless timeless original style tziporah salamon style icon tziporah salamon profiles the chicest and most celebrated older women of today showcasing their wardrobes and revealing the contents of their closets while imparting practical tips on how to put together beautiful outfits in the art of dressing tziporah salamon features women known for their personal style and women whom she admires and who inspire her all over the age of 50 salamon also includes sections breaking down the principles of dressing such as knowing your body and what looks good on it shopping for the essentials color balance and proportion and above all good tailoring salamon teaches women to be chic without spending a fortune for her dressing is about joy play and creativity the women included are stylish creative types from well-known icons such as fashion writer amy fine collins artist michele oka doner and

sp17_layout_rizzoli.v8.qxd:fa05 layout 001-032 v4 copy.qxd 7/9/16 4:51 pm page 52 52 ryan mcginley the kids were alright nora burnett abrams contributions by ryan mcginley dan colen jack walls and agathe snow the first book to examine ryan mcginley’s early photographs and polaroids—raw visceral portraits of his coterie of friends and artists in downtown new york city published to accompany an exhibition at museum of contemporary art denver ryan mcginley the kids were alright focuses on the photographer’s early work from 1998 to 2003 the year of his solo exhibition at the whitney museum of american art these early photographs and polaroids—many of which have never been exhibited or published— document his friends and collaborators in downtown new york city in the process mcginley created a powerful portrait of his generation and their often debauched lifestyle gritty daring and focused on moments of both pleasure and tedium mcginley’s singular

sp17_layout_rizzoli.v8.qxd:fa05 layout 001-032 v4 copy.qxd 7/9/16 4:52 pm page 64 64 junk type typography • lettering • badges • logos bill rose a graphic compendium of vintage american design and typography junk type is a project driven by the passion of one man to document a disappearing aspect of american culture bill rose—aka recapturist—is a photographer and designer who has spent the last decade traveling across america looking for junkyards yard sales antique stores and other unlikely sources of inspiration to capture examples of postwar american typography and design before they’re lost forever bringing together more than 400 images this invaluable book is a visual history of postwar america told through the distinct typography icons badges and branding of the country’s industrial heritage from art deco–inspired fonts and unique handmade cursive lettering to illustrated insignia and clean graphic logos bearing the influence

sp17_layout_rizzoli.v8.qxd:fa05 layout 001-032 v4 copy.qxd 7/9/16 4:53 pm page 76 76 previously announced giorgio armani written by giorgio armani available at a new lower price this comprehensive celebration of the fashions of one of the world’s most revered designers is now perfect for a wider audience this lavish book focuses upon the key creations and important milestones in the history of the celebrated italian designer and his eponymous fashion house with personal texts written by giorgio armani the book contains biographical details interwoven with the story of the company giorgio armani has been universally credited with changing the rules of contemporary fashion and creating a timeless version of modern dress by removing excess ornament and translating traditional sportswear looks into business and evening wear his impact is felt not only in women’s fashion and redcarpet glamour but it is also inseparable from the evolution of men’s style in recent

   89 france in bloom stÉphane bern draw inspiration from the country’s rich floral diversity in this vibrant tour through france’s private gardens—from the rustic hamlets of burgundy to the mountainous alps to the island paradise of corsica from the verdant farmlands of normandy to the tropical oasis of the mediterranean coast or from the rolling fields of poppies in

   smith street books picnic in paris chic food for on-the-go suzy ashford delight in these perfect picnic recipes for a stylish outdoor feast picnic in paris reimagines outdoor lunching as a chic activity that’s worth putting a little more effort into rather than taking a boring sandwich and a flask of coffee to your next picnic why not a bacon-and-leek quiche a

   113 zeng fanzhi catalogue raisonnÉ volume i edited by gladys chung zeng fanzhi catalogue raisonné volume i is a landmark publication systematically incorporating records from the studio dealers auction houses museums collectors and any other possible sources to compile by far the most comprehensive record of the artist’s oeuvre this catalog illustrates chronologically