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Television, Broadcast, Monitoring and Mesurement Equipment by RO.VE.R. Laboratories

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Catalogue: RO.VE.R. Laboratories Television, Broadcast, Monitoring and Mesurement Equipment
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RO.VE.R. Laboratories S.p.A.
Via Parini, 2
25019 Sirmione (BS) Italy

Tel. +39.030.91981
Fax. +39.030.9906894
Skype: wecare.roverinstruments

Television, Broadcast, Monitoring and Mesurement Equipment is listed here

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mfe-802-2 dvb­s/s2 receiver module standards ets 302 307 ­ ts 102 441 ­ ets 300 421 qpsk 8psk 16apsk demodulations mode ccm and vcm symbol rate 2­45msps fec auto all ratios compliant with standards fec block short and normal roll­off 0.2 0.25 0.35 dvb­s block linear code outer code r/s 204 188 dvb­s2 block linear code outer code bch ldpc spectrum auto rf input input connector f ­type 75 frequency l­band 950­2150 mhz lnb control voltage off +13/18 vdc 22 khz 0.25 a overload protection asi output standard asi­c mpeg­2 iso/iec 13818­1 output mode 188 bytes spread output connector 2 x bnc 75 4 x bnc opt ordering 0mfe-qpsk2-opt dvb-s/dvb-s2 single stream demodulator ccm up to 8psk 0mfe-dvbs2-opt dvb-s/dvb-s2 multistream demodulator 2 streams ccm/vcm up to 16apsk 0mfe-dvbs2-exp add-on to 0mfe-dvbs2-opt for more than 2 streams technical specifications rf input input connector f­type 75 frequency low band 49 ­159 mhz mid band 162 ­ 444 mhz high band 448 ­ 861 mhz frequency resolution

as­918 rf frequency range 950 ­ 2150 mhz gain at 950 mhz ­2 db ± 0.5 at 1450 mhz +1 db ± 0.5 at 2050 mhz +4 db ± 0.5 at 2150 mhz +3 db ± 1 technical specifications signalling n 2 front panel led s indicate that ps `a ps `b are operating n 3 front panel led s indicate that vdc is being sent to the lnb n 2 front panel led s indicate ps `a or ps `b failure n.1 front panel led indicates a short circuit/overload of the lnb voltage alarm signalling contact closure alarm 36 mhz transponder flatness 0.1 db typ 0.2 db max noise figure 6.5 db ±1 typ minimum input level ­60 dbm maximum input level ­25 dbm intermodulation 2 tone at ­25 dbm ­60 db isolation between outputs >26 db typ 30 input connectors 1 f female n on request output connectors 8 f female n on request in/out impedance 75 in/out r.l >18 db typ 20 db lnb voltage +12.5 v +18 v 22 khz size n.1 19 rack unit 295 x 432 x 40 mm mains voltage 2 x 230 vac with mains filter weight 3.5 kg operating temperature from ­40° to

rov­800 a step ahead in digital television excellent performance in every working condition professional satellite modulator dvb-s2 multistream main features description rover s rov 800 modulator product line supports fullfeatured dvb-s2 dvb-s compliant satellite modulators for dvb-s2 rov-800 supports ccm and vcm /acm1 and all constellations from qpsk to 32apsk at symbol rates up to 45 mbaud it provides up to 4 simultaneous dvb-asi input streams and includes both if and l-band outputs as well as monitoring ports an lcd control and status display is provided on the front panel the convenient rear panel ethernet port provides easy access to the user interface using any standard web browser an snmp-based monitor and control interface is provided for connection to external management systems rov 800 series is available in two versions rov 801 single stream dvb-s/s2 modulator rov 804 multi stream dvb-s/s2 modulator functional diagram dvb­s2 multistream tx station 3 dvb-s2 dvb-t tx1 mfe-8 is not a reseller or dealer of RO.VE.R. Laboratories.

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