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the many features of roadtrek optional continental kit looks great and provides more interior storage it’s mounted on the receiver to avoid stress and rust on the door and off centre to the trailer hitch to allow towing receiver mounted bike racks and access to one door to access the other door simply remove the hinge pin to lower the spare tire to access the tire just unclasp the tire cover all roadtreks feature a fully painted roof that looks great and offers a long durable life all models enjoy the benefits of agm deep cycle auxiliary batteries almost no maintenance leak free less venting no dangerous acid fumes no splashing battery acid provide lots of power fast higher power density from purer lead plates low resistance for faster charging and more tolerant to bumps and vibration most models have two totally concealed yet easily accessible 6v batteries a few have one 12v frameless awning windows are better looking reduce wind noise improve aerodynamics and provide superior air circulation even during foul weather their larger size provides a better view from inside the integrated venting system most chevy models provides inconspicuous ventilation of the refrigerator external propane barbecue connection with quick disconnect all models except 190-simplicity and 210-simplicity there is a separate compartment for the city water connection with quick disconnect and detachable power cord for trips away from the campsite an exterior shower is located here as well the macerator sewage pump chops up any solids and tissue and ejects the entire contents through a convenient 1 1/4 hose no mess no fuss 19