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its the most wonderful time of the year put your hand in the hand ft lbs in lbs flat screen tv cabinet flat screen tv cabinets sofas that convert to beds ft lbs in in lbs ft lbs to inch lbs ft lbs into in lbs 4 ft lbs into in lbs 30 ft lbs into in lbs your the first the last my everything ft lbs to in lbs torque ft lbs to in lbs through the wall fittings tank fittings engine torque ft lbs to in lbs convert front wheel drive to rear wheel drive turn the gas off at the tank thank you for the valleys just the two of us external parts of its engine and function all in one dvd player all in one all in ones bed cushions cushions 14 cu ft refrigerator continental spare wheel kit 7 ft lbs into kg ft lbs into kg ft lbs into kg m 6 ft lbs into kg rear window defroster rear window defrost 85 ft lbs into kg 32 ft lbs into kg bed sizes sizes rear window defrost duct tv flat screen spare tire kit rear window defroster ventilator inch lbs too ft lbs king size bed frame 22 ft lbs into kg flat screen tv stand 25 ft lbs into kg 15 ft lbs into kg 16 ft lbs into kg 18 ft lbs into kg 18 ft lbs into kg m flat screen tv frame water pump air pump ft lbs in kg m ft lbs in kg 62 ft lbs into lbs ft lbs to kg m

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190-versatile the 190-versatile [we sold our home six months and [25,000 miles later we returned [home the roadtrek was phenomenal.its layout and features allowed us great flexibility in our travels the roadtrek went everywhere and anywhere with ease it was comfortable easy to drive great mileage great sleeping comfort and was spacious enough that even our 80 pound lab was no trouble in 6 months we spent all of 5 days in a motel we were completely inexperienced,but with the roadtrek’s extensive and user-friendly systems rving was a treat right from day one lest i forget talk about holding its value we sold our roadtrek two years after we bought it for within $1200 of what we paid for it what more can i say.the roadtrek is one beautiful machine lynda david macmahon north york ontario this is my fourth motor home rv and it is the only one that has been trouble free not a single problem–and good gas mileage to boot the open road calls when you’re not off

210-popular the new 210-popular the class b motorhome redefined i want to express my sincere appreciation to your company for providing proof that you are in reality customer committed it is obviously not merely a slogan i look forward to many carefree miles of travel in my roadtrek which performed flawlessly on my 1300 mile trip from florida to pennsylvania dr edmund o’neill wilkes-barre pennsylvania i want to tell you that our roadtrek has been our second home it has been part of our way of life and has provided us with a continuing source of pleasure we have had many trips all over north america and has proven to be most reliable in every respect i want to extend my compliments to home park motorhomes for developing and retaining the enviable position you have achieved in the field of recreational vehicles i wish you continued success in the years to come mr doug richardson bradford ontario the 210-popular represents the ultimate fusion of design engineering and

170-popular the 170-popular the ultimate suv seriously useful vehicle we covered a total of 7000 miles in 20 days and thoroughly enjoyed every mile the roadtrek performed admirably throughout the trip,and at no time did we wish we were traveling in any other type of rv.we are convinced that for 2 or 3 people the roadtrek 170 is the perfect vehicle combining all the best features of a large camping rig with the worry-free maneuverability of a van camping in the roadtrek was so simple and jacks to struggle with and so easy to park and level the primitive campsites were the simplest of all just pull in and the fully self-contained unit is all set the bed was far better than we had dared hope for in a camping unit my wife and i highly recommend the roadtrek 170 as a money saving combined camping rig/second car option to anyone interested in part-time excursions into the great outdoors thank you all for building such a fine and attractive motorhome as the roadtrek 170

a commitment to safety these 2 photos show the rear impact test.the test vehicle was impacted by a moving barrier at 30-mph 48 km/h the entire fuel system was then inspected for leakage our test vehicle did not leak any fuel we are so serious about manufacturing vehicle impacts a fixed barrier at 30 actuate others to maintain optimal occupant restraint and minimizes the the safest class b motorhome that we mph 48 km/h for the rear and side performance on board computers are possibility of seat belt anchorage hire independent engineering firms to impacts the test vehicle is stationary capable of monitoring all of the sensors failures successful testing requires the test our vehicles the results follow and impacted by a moving barrier at 30 and actuators to determine whether application of a 3000-pound force in a testing related to fuel system modification to accommodate lowered floor mph 48 km/h and 20 mph 32 km/h they are working as intended included forward direction to the seat

a commitment to safety voluntary testing there are numerous safety standards that apply to lighter vehicles such as window the roadtrek successfully the vehicle by 7 the original cargo van roof crush resistance testing fmvss 216 passed both of these tests required 9,700 pounds of force to achieve 7 of crush whereas the roadtrek they do not apply for various reasons deaths and injuries due to crushing during the manufacture of conversion such as the inherent safety advantage of passenger vans 4 captain seats rear sofa/bed and “automotive manufacturer style” durability testing of heavier vehicles or that it does not compartment during rollover accidents with or without a raised roof not to be durability is more an issue of customer make sense on such vehicles in order to the corner of the roof at the top of the confused with class b motorhomes some satisfaction and value but improved “raise the bar” on the safety of “a” pillar between the

our commitment to you established in 1974 the roadtrek is the result of one man’s determination to get exactly what he wanted in an rv having no interest in being a “weekend bus driver” mr jac hanemaayer of kitchener ontario knew a large class a or c motorhome was not for him.yet he was not about to trade the comfort and amenities they offered for the convenience and mobility of a van unable to find the best of both worlds in the marketplace he did what came naturally to him in 1974 he designed a vehicle for himself and had it built by a fledgling local camper van manufacturer home park vehicles ltd a look back i have always owned one type of rv or another over the past 30 years from class a to class c i consider the roadtrek the best engineered developed and constructed rv for its size of any i have ever owned or seen on the market gary jane alden destin florida i had an accident with my roadtrek.the reason i’m telling you about my unfortunate mishap is

the many features of roadtrek turn the awning on your roadtrek into a private room for you to enjoy the outdoors – bug free the optional florida room is made with lightweight durable water and mildew resistant fabric it is quality crafted with the best zippers straps latches and screening.this lightweight screen room folds up into a small carrying bag.the poles fold in half and store separately the heat pump air conditioner heater with ducts to the front and rear bed areas is mounted outside for easy service access and external water drainage easily accessible,our patented built-in sewage hose system on 170 and 190 models provides a permanently attached sewage hose that eliminates messy handling and storage.the wastewater tank releases and the fresh water tank drain are adjacent a large capacity auxiliary lead acid battery is totally concealed yet easily accessible on slide-out tray a second auxiliary battery is optional on 190 and 210 models you can watch tv from the rear

questions and answers in case you were wondering before and flat roof are added.all roadtrek models start with a you go wandering more expensive complete van body.the roadtrek 210 has an aerodynamic molded fiberglass body added whether it’s your first roadtrek or your with the original side and rear cargo doors retained fourth there are often questions that roadtrek 170 or 190 have the roof removed and arise while we are always eager to hear replaced with a higher molded fiberglass roof also a from you we thought it might be helpful section of the floor is removed and replaced with a to summarize the top questions we have custom lowered floor.other additional modifications are received over the years and give you the also required,but these are the most time consuming answers here q why is it more expensive to build where do you want to go in 1959 my wife and i bought an 18 airstream trailer two years later i retired through the next 30 years we owned 4 more airstreams and

compare roadtrek to other class b and b motorhomes interior features captain s seats swivel large lowered floor aisle width sleeping capacity size of double bed size of twin beds size of king-size bed bed construction bed cushion foam maximum standing height separate eating sleeping sections privacy area bathroom area stand-up aisle shower grey water tank capacity water tank location lp gas capacity storage volume std w/opts storage across rear heat pump w/ducts to rear refrigerator range hood w/exhaust fan oven counter top w/solid surface recessed lp gas stove sink molded into counter rotating 15 flat screen tv cabinet door material carpet 170 chevrolet standard 64 x 35 x 2 no step over frame 30 3 people 74 x 50 flat cushions 5 dual density 73 standard large w/solid doors large temporary spacious with full standing height 23 us gal most below floor 45 lbs up to 49/62 cu.ft 14 cu.ft standard 3.0 cu.ft.3-way standard w/light microwave molded fiberglass with flush cover

automotive motorhome specifications see 2004 standard and optional automotive features roadtrek 170 models on chevrolet 2500 regular van roadtrek 190 models on chevrolet 3500 extended van roadtrek 210 models on chevrolet 3500 extended van 2004 standard motorhome features roadtrek 170 models on chevrolet 2500 regular van roadtrek 190 models on chevrolet 3500 extended van roadtrek 210 models on chevrolet 3500 extended van air bag driver passenger alternator axle rear standard axle rear optional battery brakes anti lock cooling transmission oil defroster rear window door locks doors exits engine standard fuel capacity ground effects package mirror interior mirrors exterior power standard receiver class iv frame mounted running boards rust protection seats captain’s standard with passenger on/off switch 145 amp 3.73 ratio not available 600 amp four wheel disc standard internal standard power all doors double 40/60 side 50/50 rear 6.0 l sfi

warranties other important information everyone should go and visit the home park roadtrek factory in kitchener ontario what a place you can see why the roadtrek is so well put together the place is spotless and well organized the people were very friendly and seemed very motivated and happy in their work they spoke proudly of the jobs that they were doing we went there on a whim but it turned out to be a great experience that we recommend to all bob bussolari suffield connecticut chassis 3 year/36,000 mile/60,000 km limited “bumper to bumper” warranty as offered by general motors motorhome 3 year/36,000 mile/60,000 km limited warranty offered by home park covering the manufacture of the motorhome only does not include the chassis appliances those offered on the individual appliances by their respective manufacturers important information you should know please read some units pictured with optional equipment certain options may require deletions of standard items or