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the many features of roadtrek turn the awning on your roadtrek 170 or 190 into a private room for you to enjoy the outdoors – bug free the optional florida room is made with lightweight durable water and mildew resistant fabric it is quality crafted with the best zippers straps latches and screening this lightweight screen room folds up into a small carrying bag the poles fold in half and store separately the many features of roadtrek to increase versatility we’ve added a second fresh water tank inside 190 and 210 models by using anti-freeze in the black and grey water tanks the water system can be used in moderate sub-freezing conditions the 210’s permanent bathroom features complete privacy toilet vanity sink with storage cabinet mirror and 110v receptacle the shower can be used as a sitdown shower with the door closed or used in the aisle as a stand-up shower optional folding mattresses provide flat sleeping for two on top of front captain seats and lounge seats during the day both store easily at the foot end of the rear bed like the rs the ss’s permanent bathroom’s unique doors maximize aisle width when the bathroom’s not in use when in use there’s adequate space inside while keeping the aisle clear inside there’s a toilet with a slide-out vanity sink above mirror and a sit-down shower or stand-up for shorter people optional folding mattresses are also available for optional four front captain seats as well they also store easily at the foot end of the rear bed below the suspended wardrobe you can watch tv from the rear lounge or bed with our optional premium brand 17 or 19 flat screen tv it rotates to allow viewing from the front captain’s seats – the most comfortable places to sit a standard home theatre system or optional dvd player reside in nearby cabinet chevy based roadtreks come equipped with 5 spoke chrome look wheel covers the rs’s permanent bathroom’s unique doors maximize aisle width when the bathroom’s not in use yet when in use there’s ample space inside while keeping the aisle clear inside you’ll find a toilet vanity sink slide-out counter over the top drawer mirror 110v receptacle and a sit-down or stand-up shower a removable cover in chevy based roadtreks reveals a trough with a drain that spans the lowered floor and prevents water from leaving the shower area dress up your roadtrek with optional sporty aluminum wheels for chevy 20 or sprinter based models any roadtrek except the ss can be equipped with our optional full-height armoire it replaces the passenger side lounge seat and offers extra hanging or shelf space on numerous adjustable shelves and drawers all chevy based models feature a stand-up shower in the aisle what other camper van can give you such a large area to shower in 170 and 190 models which feature temporary bathrooms are equipped with our hygienic sink liner just insert the hygienic liner into the galley sink to perform personal hygiene when finished remove the liner leaving your galley sink clean and untouched for food preparation a ‘dometic’ heat pump air conditioner heater built into a recess in the roof cools the interior while maintaining chevy based roadtreks’ aerodynamic shape and sleek roofline in many restricted communities vehicles with roof mounted air conditioners are not permitted our recessed heat pump allows our chevy based motorhomes to be perceived as just vans and in most cases are permitted to park where many other motorhomes are not the heat pump air conditioner heater with ducts to the front and rear bed areas is mounted outside of chevy based roadtreks for easy service access and external water drainage 21