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Fishing Rods 2009 by Robinson Europe

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Catalogue: Robinson Europe Fishing Rods 2009
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Robinson Europe SP.Z O.O.
43-382 Bielsko-Biała, POLAND
Lajkonika 34

phone (+48 33) 816 05 74, 810 08 08
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spin set classic spinning tip rod glued-in rod a perfection in every inch this 2,7 m three-part spinning rod with a casting weight of 10-30 g and two attachable tips is an ideal equipment for a wide range of lures the glued-in tip works great with rubber lures indicating even the smallest bites it can be used successfully for pike zander and large perch fishing the full tip is great for medium wobblers spinners and spinning blisters compact length is a great asset in transport computer-based load balance system allowed us to adjust both of the tips to one bottom creating in effect two different rods tomasz kurnik polish top spinningist multiple polish champion and vicechampion recommends the diaflex rods catalogue nr length cm sections cast weight transp length action 1i-sx-270 270 3+1 10-30 g 97 cm very fast a series of three super fast medium to heavy lure spinning rods the 2,45 m model with a casting weight of 10-36 g is an ideal boat rod it can be used for both zander fall fishi

the carp rods have enhanced leads with sic rings thirteen feet 390 cm and fourteen feet 420 cm models with a typical `english action they are light perfectly balanced which makes long and precise casts a daily routine they are perfect for canal and river fishing catalogue nr length cm sections cast weight transp length match piotr koziel multiple polish champion and vice-champion robinson tester uses the aquarius tele match rods 1r-ma-390 1r-ma-420 390 420 3 3 7-20 g 7-20 g 137 cm 147 cm aquarius match 1r-ma-390 new precise telescopic long-casting rod small weight ideal stiffness balance all four models were designed with means of `entire efficiency optimalization it makes the casts longer and easier hauling sure and twitching efficient attractive and comfortable tele match aquarius carp 2 sect 1r-c2-362 aquarius tele match 1r-tm-392 aquarius tele bream 1r-tb-360 catalogue nr length cm sections cast weight transp length aquarius carp 3 sect 1r-c3-361 1r-tm-392 1r-tm-422 390 420 6 6

a series of universal feeders measuring 3,30 m and 3,60 m casting weights of 40-90 g and 50-120 give you the possibility of using feed cups on most fishing places models with lower casting weight are meant for perch tench crucian carp and carp fishing on still waters for bream fishing in strong-current rivers a feed cup over 100 g is need thus making the 3-60-meter-long model the perfect choice in places where long distance is not a must or shore with dense flora the shorter 3,30-meter-long model will do just fine two changeable glass tips will allow you to match the right equipment to the conditions rubber grip guarantees a sure hold of the rod high power and reliability will surely be praised by any angler feeder catalogue nr length cm sections cast weight transp length 11c-fe-330 11c-fe-360 11c-fe-331 11c-fe-361 330 360 330 360 3+2g 3+2g 3+2g 3+2g 40-90 g 40-90 g 50-120 g 50-120 g 121 cm 129 cm 121 cm 129 cm feeder 11c-fe-330 power stick 11c-ps-021 a series of powerful rods with a c is not a reseller or dealer of Robinson Europe.

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