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i h0 goods wagons wagon de marchandise standard pocket wagon hupac wagon-poche unifié hupac double carrier wagon aae wagon double porte-conteneurs aae vi vi 189 390 40195 art nr 76750 standard pocket wagon that carries the cooling trailer „galliker healthcare logistics“ of the company hupac wagon-poche unifié de la 40196 art nr 76915 double carrier wagon of the aae that carries one „axis“ semitrailer wagon double porte-conteneurs de l‘aae chargé d‘une semi-remorque „axis“ hupac chargé d‘un semi-remorque frigorifique „galliker healthcare logistics“ stake wagon csd container carrier wagon cd wagon à ranchers csd wagon porteconteneurs cd iv vi 229 225 40183 art nr 76982 stake wagon of the czechoslovakian state railways wagon à ranchers des chemins de fer nationaux tchèques gondola awt wagon tomberau awt vi 160 40196 art nr 76907 gondola type eaos of the awt wagon tomberau eaos des awt 70 40196 art nr 76918 container carrier wagon of the czech state railways that carries three containers of the transport agency „maersk“ wagon porteconteneurs des chemins de fer nationaux tchèques transportant trois conteneurs du transitaire „maersk“.