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Clamping PLUS
Drill chucks - NC-Tooling 2013/2014
Hand-held Machines (chinese)
Live centers - Face drivers 2013/2014
Constant face drivers CoE
Lathe chucks - Independent chucks
Manual Chucks DURO-T
Vices 2013/2014
Claw jaws SKB
Palett system Power Grip
MS Multiple clamping system
Product Summary Automation Technology
Automation Technology
Synthetic gripper RRMP
Swivel units RSP
Rotary distributor

Rotary distributor by Rohm

Triple air distributor with data transmission system.

Power Chucks - Cylinders - Steady rests 2013
Hybrid Chuck MZMF
InoZET-Pendulum bridges
Power-operated centering vices KZS-P / KZS-PG
Low-maintenance power chucks KFD-EC
Clamping jaws
Self-centering steady rests
Segment clamping mandrel AGILIS
Segment clamping mandrel ABSIS
Power-operated mandrel HYKS
Tool Clamping Systems
Locking system Super Lock
Clamping heads
micro technology

micro technology by Rohm

Clamping technology for the smallest workpieces

Machining of Large Parts
Oil and Gas

Oil and Gas by Rohm

Clamping technology for crude oil and natural gas industrie

Automotive special designs
Electric clamping systems e-QUIPMENT
Electrical gripper REPG
Locking system Super Lock and Clamp by wire