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machining of large parts maximum precision for maximum size

turning machining drilling machining rÖhm clamping solutions for every wind energy need machining of large bearings and rotary unions for large bearings and rotary unions we offer chucks specially adapted to the changing requirements for turning milling and fine machining clamping solutions for turning machining we achieve high precision for turning workpieces with centrically clamping chucks depending on the size the chucks have 6 or 12 clamping jaws their additional centrifugal force compensation ensures the same clamping force at high speeds and therefore maximum precision thanks to the built-in quick-change system minimum setup times are guaranteed clamping solutions for drilling machining for drilling machining we recommend centrically clamping key bar chucks thanks to the fast adjustable clamping jaws as well as stops the setup times are reduced to a minimum even for this machining step product advantages centrically clamping chucks with up to 12 clamping jaws additional

finish machining clamping solutions for finish machining a precisely centered and deformation-free setup is extremely important especially for easily deformable workpieces which require turning machining from all three sides within one working operation by combining the magnetic clamping force and deformation-free centering workpieces of a wide range of sizes and contours can be quickly and securely clamped product advantages 3-side machining for turning and grinding parts combined magnetic and centering chuck clamping are possible uniform and deformation-free setup reduced setup times of up to 50 manual or power-actuated centering horizontal and vertical attachment possible matching actuating units available

always firmly on track rÖhm clamping solutions for rail traffic these chucks are especially suited for round workpieces with a diameter of up to 1300 mm particularly for train wheels or wheel flanges this involves the optimal diameter rÖhm clamping solutions provide essential performance here thanks to the automated retrofitting process machining on both sides can be carried out conveniently to save time in addition the clamping range can be quickly and automatically adjusted at any time to the changing workpiece sizes product advantages clamping diameter of up to 1300 mm flexible setup for individually changing workpiece size automated jaw adjustment for inner and outer machining horizontal and vertical attachment possible power-actuated or manually actuated

bundle of power with reserves rÖhm clamping solutions for power plants and steel mills turbines or rollers with large dimensions in the case of jutting-out workpieces one can completely rely on the power chucks from rÖhm secure clamping even for workpiece weights up to 150 tons we guarantee this with up to 8 clamping jaws per clamping chuck and a clamping force of up to 50 tons per jaw long machining times of 200 hours are routine for these chucks the sustained clamping force is primarily realized by the manually actuated power spindles in the clamping jaws clamping-in is therefore secure and easy with a clamping diameter of up to 3 meters and a maximum workpiece length of 20 meters our chucks do what they promise product advantages chuck diameter up to 5000 mm 4 or 8 clamping jaws 50 tons of clamping force per jaw secure clamping thanks to power spindles horizontal and vertical attachment possible manually actuated

smooth-running chucks rÖhm clamping solutions for the oil field industry these clamping fixtures were specially developed for machining the ends of pipes with a passage of 650 mm pipes having large diameters can be securely and precisely clamped the clamping chuck is actuated hydraulically pneumatically or via spring force according to the machine design the workpieces can be clamped centrically or with compensation depending on the type of machining product advantages machining of pipes with large diameter either centric clamping or with compensation hydraulically actuated horizontal and vertical attachment possible rÖhm swivel chuck for manufacturing

external clamping lifting device internal clamping integrated intelligence rÖhm lifting device automatically faster our clamping chucks with lifting devices not only clamp workpieces securely and precisely but make it easier to further machine heavy workpieces thanks to the integrated lifting device after lifting the workpiece by the lifting device the automated change from outer to inner clamping makes the next machining steps possible entirely without retrofitting advantages of the lifting device effective machining of the outer and inner contours lifting device integrated in the chuck device power-actuated or hydraulically actuated vertical attachment bulky work pieces tightly gripped rÖhm jaw boxes for large heavy and bulky work pieces our jaw boxes are literally gripping whether you have to mechanically fix large objects under 10 tons or whether you work with spindles with power gear ratios up to 30 tons with our universal clamping devices even bulky housings always remain

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