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hydraulic clutch master cylinder brake master cylinder caps twin cam rocker box front master cylinder cover front master cylinder cover kit stainless steel wire mesh hand and foot controls stainless steel rod ends roland sands design sportster cafe racer rubber foot pegs sportster mid controls sportster passenger foot peg brackets master cylinder caps passenger foot peg xl foot peg brackets sportster passenger foot peg mounts marine grade fiberglass mini ape handlebar passenger foot peg mounts sportster brake master cylinder oil filler caps top triple clamp cnc clutch master cylinder clutch master cylinder cnc clutch master cylinder sportster solo seats tail light lens clutch master cylinders billet oil filler caps sportster front brake master cylinder softail solo seat kit clutch master cylinder cover brake master cylinder rocker box covers spark plug wires 7 spark plug wires brake clutch master cylinder tail light housing front master cylinder twin cam engine hydraulic brake light switch rear master cylinder master cylinder brake light switch front brake master cylinder rear brake master cylinder passenger foot pegs and mounts black rocker box covers brake light switch brake light switch ae brake light switch switch 6061 t 6 billet aluminum 1 12 brake master cylinder license plate frame lens rear master cylinder reservoir

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table of contents 2 3 4 6 7 8 10 12 16 17 18 19 24 25 26 30 product development finishes softail feature braking systems controls levers master cylinder caps grips foot pegs toe pegs forward controls rearsets mid-controls air cleaners air cleaner accessories velocity stacks exhaust slant intakev bagger feature 32 42 51 52 54 56 58 59 61 62 63 64 65 65 66 66 67 wheels discs pulleys handlebars clip ons risers signature series feature gauge mount headlight re-locator top triple clamps headlights headlight bezels turn signals tail light tag brackets upper fork covers fork dust caps preload fork adjusters fork bolts stem nuts fork braces 68 70 70 71 72 21 82 84 92 92 87 93 93 94 95 96 100 gas caps oil filler caps badge kits café tail section seats shift rods grande moco feature engine covers front pulley guards belt/chain guards motor mounts coil/ignition re-locator headlight bracket tracker rear fender kits product maintenance apparel purchase info product development at rsd

foot pegs toe peg grips traction grips foot pegs shifter toe pegs a little goes a long way with the new rsd traction foot pegs and matching grips grips feature knurled rubber for more comfort and an ergonomically friendly shape to keep you in control • cnc machined billet aluminum/brass • grips foot pegs sold as a pair • foot pegs have been shortened for more ground clearance • road race styled knurling • interchangable rsd logo badges on grips • replacement grip rubber available traction grip set traction toe/shift peg 1984-16 hd dual cable finish part chrome gloss black black ops brass 0063-2067-ch 0063-2067-b 0063-2067-sb 0063-2069 2008-16 flht,flhr,flhx,fltr tbw 2016 softail universal msrp $119.95 $119.95 $169.95 $169.95 replacement rubber-grips finish part msrp rubber 0063-1094m $7.15 12 roland sands design finish part chrome gloss blk black ops brass 0063-2068-ch 0063-2068-b 0063-2068-sb 0063-2070 msrp $129.95 $129.95 $179.95 $179.95

hutch contrast cut del mar slam speed 7 diesel design match judge hutch black ops del mar del mar slam boss speed 7 diesel design match judge hutch machine ops raid raid boss speed 7 diesel design match domino speed 5 morris mission raid speed 5 ronin turbo venturi air cleaners the venturi air cleaner is a proven high performance bolt-on part that drastically improves the looks and performance of your machine our revolutionary backing plate promotes smooth air flow into the carb/throttle body while also providing hidden internal crank case breathers and our tight seal oil separator insures a clean leak free ride manufactured from billet aluminum in the usa the venturi is a jewel for the side of your bike • • • • • • distinct exposed filter design with a stainless steel wire mesh screen • includes slotted breather bolts and oil tubes design matched to rsd wheels • includes mounting hardware hidden built in crank case breathers not

wheels discs pulleys wheels are perhaps the largest aesthetic change you can make to your bike besides paint and bodywork the size and width of the wheels coupled with your tire choice can drastically alter your bikes stance changing the performance and look when we build a bike we often start with the wheel and tire choice as it sets the stage for the entire machine we understand how vital your wheel choices are and are proud to offer wheels discs and pulleys manufactured by performance machine with over 45 years of experience in wheel manufacturing we concentrate on building lightweight wheels that also deliver a variety of visual choices in many finishes for the ultimate rolling package 32 roland sands

handlebars total rise comfort attitude and quality are the priorities when picking a handlebar we’ve pioneered new frontiers with our narrow bar line-up vintage bars and pro step bars making a handlebar more than just a handlebar made in america of the highest quality materials and tested both in the lab and real world end rise center pullback width narrow handlebars not just a handlebar but a handlebar system for those that like to keep it slim we’re offering two designs of narrow mega risers in three finishes that allow for the narrowest of handlebars the narrow handlebar line is a great alternative to t-bars for getting your bars up high and allow for adjustability for the perfect bar position ideal for splitting lanes and counting the cars as you pass them in traffic we’ve built a number of handlebars in various heights and styles from simple to tech to give you plenty of options narrow bars only work with our narrow mega riser narrow empire handlebar a tweak

cafe nostalgia mega risers get your bars up where you can use them with the rsd mega riser we’ve taken design flavor from bmx and mountain biking blended it with a little motocross sprinkled in classic rsd styling and created the ultimate narrow high riser for your v-twin now you can run an extremely narrow handlebar with a narrow grip to grip width keeping your hands inboard of mirrors and car doors pair mega riser with the new rsd narrow bars and you theriser ultimate highbar set up that looks at home on a club bike ultra narrow glide chopper or aggressive scrambler onehave piece 1” barconventional risers to allow for use of narrow handlebars • for replaces • finish overall handlebar clamping width 2.5” part msrp • chrome designed specifically for rsd narrow handlebar line but also fits standard 0208-2103-ch $249.95 handlebars knurling may be exposed contrast cut 0208-2103-bm $199.95 • available in contrast cut black ops and chrome black

tracker turn signals these led turn signals have a rifled housing and beehive shaped lens giving you a classic hot rod style • cnc machined billet aluminum • single function led design • hardware included • sold in pairs • amber red lens available • universal center post mount load equalizer and/or lighting controller may be required on some models turn signal strut mounts billet aluminum clamps for mounting tracker turn signals to your fork legs • • • • • cnc machined billet aluminum • mounts rsd tracker turn signals • sold in pairs • available in contrast cut gloss black chrome cnc machined billet aluminum mounts rsd tracker turn signals sold in pairs available in gloss black chrome tracker turn signals msrp $199.95 front-amber chrome black turn signal strut mounts msrp $45.95 rear-red finish part 0207-2018-ch 0207-2018-b turn signal fork mounts billet aluminum strut mount for installing

seats when we set out to build a line of rsd seats we didn’t want to reinvent the wheel it was more about taking what we love about the classic designs and blending it with non-traditional styling the seat shapes are both comfortable yet still as thin as we could make them while the patterns push classic design avenger our avenger pattern features raised padding with a perforated cover sewn and formed in just the right places for a comfortable seat the detailing of the perforated sections add the right amount of style to make it unique yet not overdone boss our inspiration for the boss seat was born on the runway and pays homage to the art of high end upholstery this is not just another diamond seat as is evident in the painfully detailed triple stitch hand-sewn lines and raised perforated diamond pattern coupled with our unique distressed vinyl enzo inspired by high performance automobiles and fine leather craftsmanship of the old world the enzo seat gives you a high level of

80 roland sands

steel line at rsd we still believe in hand fabricated made in the usa products it’s who we are and how we started one piece at a time where every detail counts all of our stainless and raw steel parts utilize the highest quality material for a true handmade product that gives your machine a hand built feel without the bloody knuckles tracker front pulley guard 2004-16 xl sportster msrp $99.95 replaces the stock pulley cover adding an exposed race inspired look to the right side of your sporty motor use with the rsd front pulley cover for a high performance look • front countershaft sprocket cover for sportsters • chrome gloss black guard features brass badging • black ops guard features satin black badging finish part chrome black ops gloss black 0217-2006-ch 0217-2006-tbp 0217-2006-bp • hardware included • matching rear belt inspection guard available seperately nostalgia cover • pairs with front pulley cover on page 91 tracker belt/chain

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