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braking system rsd braking systems are a result of years of thought and design practice coupled with on track testing knowledge and off track development manufactured by performance machine the world leader in high performance v-twin braking systems race technology inspired design puts function and form together in a lightweight performance product differential bore brake calipers that take flex and heat head on for a brake caliper that resists fading and provides a consistent lever and powerful clamping force stopping you quicker coupled with our new radial master cylinders they are a maximized combo brake calipers we’ve taken the best of brake caliper technology high quality precision machining and trademark rsd styling to create the next step up in braking power for your v-twin with gp racing architecture and weight distribution the extra rigidity maximizes your effort at the brake lever stopping you faster with more feel rsd brake calipers coupled with rsd radial master cylinders are the ultimate v-twin braking system providing unparalleled feel and power • feature differential bore pistons 1.125” 1.375” that apply a different force at both the leading edge and the trailing edge of the brake pads for superior braking • dual-disc applications require separate purchase of left and right calipers • includes brake pads bleeder screw 3/8”-24 banjo bolt and sealing washers shim kit • available in contrast cut black ops machine ops and chrome finishes rsd brake calipers front 2000-16 dyna 2000-14 softail except fsxts 2000-13 xl xlh models 2000-07 flh models with 11.5” disc 2002-05 vrod except vrscr left 137 x 4b right 137 x 4b finish part msrp finish part msrp chrome contrast cut black ops machine ops 0053-2949-ch 0053-2949-bm 0053-2949-smb 0053-2949-smc 509.95 495.95 495.95 495.95 chrome contrast cut black ops machine ops 0053-2948-ch 0053-2948-bm 0053-2948-smb 0053-2948-smc 509.95 495.95 495.95 495.95 sportster not compatible with stock master cylinders requires use of 9/16” master cylinder for single disc applications and 11/16” master cylinder for dual disc applications right side calipers are only compatible with models that came stock with dual discs rsd brake calipers brackets rear 137 x 4b 2008-16 flh 2008-16 vrsc both must have rsd/pm 11.8”/300mm rear disc 2002-07 flh w 11.5” disc 2005 vrsca/b finish part msrp finish part chrome contrast cut black ops 1257-0081rsd-a-ch 1257-0081rsd-a-bm 1257-0081rsd-a-smb 674.95 659.95 659.95 chrome contrast cut black ops machine ops 1257-0081rsd-a-smc 659.95 machine ops rsd replacement brake pads all applications part 0051-0602ed 6 roland sands design msrp 17.00 2000-01 flh w 11.5” disc msrp finish part msrp 1290-0073rsd-ch 674.95 1290-0073rsd-bm 659.95 1290-0073rsd-smb 659.95 chrome contrast cut black ops 1287-0073rsd-ch 1287-0073rsd-bm 1287-0073rsd-smb 674.95 659.95 659.95 1290-0073rsd-smc 659.95 machine ops 1287-0073rsd-smc 659.95 requires use of pm stainless steel brake line part 0085-2007 msrp $89.95 requires use of pm stainless steel brake line part 0085-2007 msrp $89.95