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200e x a b ol dvis io n of t he futurea new ex model explores what might be these models have informed the development of the marque since 1919 and with this in mind we set out to create a rolls-royce that achieves unprecedented dynamism and modernity it began with an eclectic team of designers working in a secluded location over several months away from our day-to-day routine we immersed ourselves in the future of the marque we set out to uncover its contours its essence its philosophy we cast our net wide for inspiration and found it not only in motor car design but also in contemporary furniture architecture and luxury yachts hundreds of hours of discussion ideas and sketches were developed using both traditional skills and the latest digital design tools what emerged was an entirely new kind of rolls-royce smaller and more dynamic 200ex is instantly recognisable as a modern rolls-royce it has the powerful presence you’d expect along with the classic design cues of the

no of doors/seats 4/5 vehicle length 53 9 9 m m 212 .6 i n vehicle width 19 4 8 m m 76.7 i n vehicle height 15 5 0 m m 61.0 i n wheelbase 3 2 9 5 m m 129.7 i n engine v 12 wheel /tyre size 2 0 2 5 5 4 5r 2 0 frontand 2 8 5 4 0 r 2 0 rear world version © 2009 copyright rolls-royce motor cars limited not to be reproduced wholly or in part without permission of rolls-royce motor cars limited the rolls-royce trademarks are owned by rolls-royce motor cars limited or are used in some jurisdictions under licence from rolls-royce plc usa version additional information may be obtained from your authorized rolls-royce motor cars dealership us distributor rolls-royce motor cars na llc woodcliff lake nj 07677-7731 © 2009 rolls-royce motor cars na llc not to be reproduced wholly or in part without permission of rolls-royce motor cars na llc the rolls-royce name and logo are registered trademarks and are used under license from rolls-royce motor cars limited for further