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the power of simplicity ‘‘simplicity is the hardest design principle to follow.’’ ian cameron chief designer the principle of delivering simplicity out of complexity runs throughout ghost everything is designed engineered and crafted to be so invitingly approachable so simple it encourages you to regard ghost as appropriate for any occasion the advanced technology serves only to make driving easier and more enjoyable not to intrude or confuse while the phenomenal power of the twin turbo 6.6-litre v12 engine is both effortless and rewarding finally the uncluttered interior cossets its occupants and is a place to enjoy spending time simplicity may be hard to achieve but it’s worth the effort

‘‘you can’t describe it you have to drive it and when you do you’ll have a smile on your face.’’ theo martin head of vehicle concepts ghost will effortlessly propel you from 0 to 62 mph 100 km/h in 4.9 seconds while this figure is impressive in its own right what separates ghost from other performance cars is how gracefully and smoothly its new twin turbo 6.6-litre v12 engine delivers a seemingly endless surge of power this is hardly surprising considering a maximum torque of 780 nm 575 lb ft is available from as low as 1,500 rpm or that it’s capable of generating 563 bhp 420 kw 570 ps what is surprising though is the impression the eight-speed automatic zf gearbox gives of having an infinite first gear and the feeling of utter exhilaration that only a beaming smile can truly express usa version 5.0 seconds effortless power

contemporary interior ‘‘ghost is as refined and cosseting as anything this marque has ever produced.’’ charles coldham interior designer entering and exiting ghost is equally graceful its low sill height means you step effortlessly on to rather than climb into the car while the rear-hinged coach doors which open to an unrivalled 83 degrees add an extra sense of theatre for the rear passengers once inside you are greeted by a contemporary interior with large expanses of soft full-grain leather natural wood veneers and deep 100 wool blenheim carpets the cashmere-blend roof lining adds to the sense of openness and space so too does the optional panorama sunroof the overall impression is of being cocooned in your own private sanctuary from the outside world 24

‘‘a new ex model explores what might be.’’ throughout our history we have used experimental cars to explore new ideas engineering solutions and to shape the future of the marque ian cameron chief designer ex models are not concept cars they are fully-formed and functional vehicles in their own right and while they are not designed to go directly into production many of the ideas they inspire do with 200ex we began with a blank piece of paper an eclectic team of designers and a clear objective namely to create a rolls-royce that achieves unprecedented dynamism and modernity we found inspiration in contemporary furniture architecture and luxury yachts the character for the car however was very much inspired by a photograph we found in our archives of don carlos de salamanca who won the 1913 spanish grand prix in a rolls-royce silver ghost his proud expression conveyed a sense of adventure and confidence which we wanted to capture in 200ex 36 experimental cars

personalisation ‘‘you don’t just buy a rolls-royce you commission it.’’ tom purves ceo in keeping with rolls-royce tradition you have the freedom to define the appearance of ghost and tailor it to your own individual needs this means in addition to the external colour leather upholstery and wood veneer you can specify a wide range of options accessories and equipment – from the new silver satin bonnet finish to some of the most advanced technology ever to feature in a rolls-royce your local rolls-royce motor cars authorised dealer will be happy to discuss the choices available to you 42

‘‘the passengers can enjoy more than just the ride.’’ alan sheppard head of interior design there’s plenty to keep you occupied when you travel in the rear – even on the longest of journeys with the theatre configuration you can play dvds or watch television on one of the two large individually controlled 9.2 lcd screens or upload your favourite music from your mp3 to provide the soundtrack for your journey the individual lounge seats allow you to enjoy even greater levels of comfort and even a gentle massage perforations in the seat surface release a cooling stream of air while the rear climate control allows you to choose and regulate the temperature on your side of the car entertainment and comfort

‘‘every inch of leather is inspected by eye to make sure there are no imperfections.’’ ben creasey laser cutter even the slightest imperfection has no place in a rolls-royce which is why we only use a-grade bull leather this ensures the upholstery and trim in your ghost will have no unsightly scars or stretch marks we use at least eight hides for each interior and to guarantee perfect consistency of colour throughout each one comes from the same batch we also drum dye our hides rather than paint them so that the colour permeates right through the leather this process also imparts a natural suppleness to the leather and means it will neither squeak nor crack so all you will notice when you settle into your ghost is the remarkable softness of the leather itself interior leather

piano black 60 dark wenge malabar walnut burr elm cluster interior veneer