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the phantom family ‘‘take the best that exists and make it better.’’ sir henry royce spurred on by the inspiring words of our founder we set ourselves a challenge “how can we take what many consider to be the best cars in the world and make them even better?” the result phantom series ii each one features new design details enhanced engineering and state-of-the-art infotainment systems by embracing technology and blending it with the traditional skills of our master craftspeople we continue to produce iconic motor cars that are perfectly in tune with our times

phantom interior ‘‘no effort has been spared to make phantom effortless to drive.’’ helmut riedl director of engineering 10 the clear and uncluttered dashboard facia belies the amount of the latest technology you now have at your fingertips with phantom series ii only those controls required for everyday driving are present additional functions such as the new satellite navigation and infotainment system with its new 8.8 inch control centre display remain hidden until required the rear coach doors are an extraordinary feat of engineering together with the virtually flat floor they enable you to enter and exit the rear compartment with grace and ease once settled into one of the seats which feature a new contemporary three flute design you can listen to your favourite cd on the logic7 audio system which surrounds you with some of the most acoustically perfect sound you will hear outside of a concert

phantom drophead coupé ‘‘what could be more romantic than the sound of rain on a softtop at night?’’ ian cameron chief designer phantom drophead coupé demonstrates a less formal and more relaxed side of phantom inspired by the j-class yachts of the america’s cup in the 1930s and the riva motor launches of the 1950s it continues the long tradition of two-door four-seat rolls-royce convertibles at the touch of a button the soft-top canvas roof retracts allowing its occupants to embrace the elements and share the pleasures of open-air driving 16 the picnic boot adds to its uniquely sociable character providing a comfortable picnic seat for two adults as well as space for a hamper making phantom drophead coupé the ideal choice for sporting or social

phantom coupé interior ‘‘the interior invites you to step into another world especially at night.’’ alan sheppard head of interior design the optional starlight headlining creates a unique magical ambience covering the entire length of the roof its 1,600 fibre-optic lights give the illusion of a star-filled night sky another truly defining feature of phantom coupé is the extensive use of expertly applied wood veneer drawing on the finest tradition of coachbuilt rolls-royces it provides a wonderfully warm contrast to the cool aluminium finish of the dashboard indeed the sumptuous and calming interior of phantom coupé makes any journey as rewarding for the passengers as the driver

the ghost family ‘‘simplicity is the hardest design principle to follow.’’ the principle of delivering simplicity out of complexity runs throughout ghost and ghost extended wheelbase everything is designed engineered and crafted to be so invitingly approachable so simple it encourages you to regard either car as appropriate for any occasion ian cameron chief designer the advanced technology serves only to make driving easier and more enjoyable while the phenomenal power of the twin turbo 6.6-litre v12 engine is both effortless and rewarding simplicity may be hard to achieve but it’s worth the effort

ghost interior ‘‘ghost is as refined and cosseting as anything this marque has ever produced.’’ charles coldham interior designer entering and exiting ghost is equally graceful its low sill height means you step effortlessly on to rather than climb into the car the cashmere-blend roof lining adds to the sense of openness and space so too does the optional panorama sunroof while the rear-hinged coach doors which open to an unrivalled 83 degrees add an extra sense of theatre for the rear passengers the overall impression is of being cocooned in your own private sanctuary from the outside world inside you are greeted by a contemporary interior with large expanses of soft full-grain leather natural wood veneers and deep tufted carpets 34

ghost extended wheelbase interior ‘‘the first thing that strikes you is the amount of extra legroom.’’ helmut riedl engineering director as soon as you open one of ghost extended wheelbase’s rear coach doors it is immediately obvious where every millimetre of the additional length has been added as you do you will barely hear any noise when your driver starts the engine even while travelling at speed the interior remains whisper-quiet the 17 cm of extra legroom inside so all you have to do is sit back the rear compartment invites you and enjoy rolls-royce’s famous to stretch out as you settle into the ‘magic carpet ride’ wide-expanse of beautifully soft flawless leather upholstery

the home of rolls-royce ‘‘the intention was to create a finely crafted contemporary building that works in harmony with its natural setting.’’ sir nicholas grimshaw architect goodwood is the modern home of rolls-royce motor cars set in the south downs and designed by the world-renowned architect sir nicholas grimshaw our modern day home embodies our ethos of bringing modern technology and traditional skills together here the ghost family and the phantom family are hand-built under the same roof – one of the largest single-span ‘living roofs’ in europe covered with thousands of sedum plants it changes colour with the seasons and helps our building blend seamlessly with the surrounding countryside as do the cedar cladding louvres which automatically adjust to shield the glare of the sun thanks to the extensive use of glass in the building’s construction the workshops are flooded with natural light which creates the perfect environment

rolls-royce heritage ‘‘strive for perfection in everything you do.’’ sir henry royce charles rolls and henry royce met for the first time on 4 may 1904 over lunch in the midland hotel manchester on that day they agreed to start producing and selling cars under the name rolls-royce within three years they launched the silver ghost – a car of unprecedented refinement and reliability this was demonstrated when it was driven virtually non-stop between london and glasgow 27 times – a staggering 14,371 miles it led a motoring journalist to describe rolls-royce as producing ‘the best car in the world’ a tradition we are proud to continue with ghost and phantom indeed we are still driven by sir henry royce’s inspiring words they encourage our designers to challenge automotive conventions and produce ideas others would consider impossible they challenge our engineers to find innovative solutions to make them possible and spur our

phantom drophead coupÉ technical specification dimensions vehicle length vehicle width vehicle height unladen wheelbase performance 5612 mm 220.9 in 1987 mm 78.2 in 1566 mm 61.7 in 3320 mm 130.7 in weight unladen weight din curb weight usa 2630 kg 5798 lb 2719 kg 5995 lb engine engine cylinders valves fuel management max torque engine speed power output engine speed 58 phantom coupÉ technical specification v 12 48 direct injection 720 nm 531 lb ft 3500 rpm 453 bhp 460 ps din 338 kw 5350 rpm top speed acceleration 0-60 mph acceleration 0-100 km/h dimensions 149 mph 240 km/h governed 5.6 sec 5.8 sec vehicle length vehicle width vehicle height unladen wheelbase 22.8 ltr/100 km 12.4 mpg imp 10.2 ltr/100 km 27.7 mpg imp 14.8 ltr/100 km 19.1 mpg imp 347 g/km weight fuel consumption – exhaust emissions standard eu-5 urban extra urban combined consumption range co2 emissions combined fuel consumption usa and canada city usa tbc highway usa tbc city