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1907 40/50 hp silver ghost london to edinburgh run of the silver ghost over 14,371 miles in top gear production moves to derby 1900 1906 march 1906 rolls-royce the company is established 1910 1904 collaboration agreed between rolls and royce c s rolls killed in aeroplane crash in bournemouth 1904 1911 4 may 1904 charles stewart rolls meets frederick henry royce at the midland hotel in manchester the spirit of ecstasy introduced design by sculptor charles sykes 1906 40/50 silver ghost 1914 aircraft engine production starts

the founding partners of rolls-royce motor cars came from very different backgrounds charles stewart rolls was born into the british aristocracy and enjoyed a privileged upbringing in the highest echelon of society frederick henry royce however was the son of a miller and forced to become the breadwinner in his family from the age of nine yet despite the differences in their circumstances they went on to form an unlikely partnership – one that was forged on a mutual interest in engineering and motor cars and even though their partnership only lasted six years it led to them creating what is widely acknowledged to be the best car in the

charles robinson sykes sculptor of the spirit of ecstasy 28 29 it was while working as claude johnson’s private secretary at the automobile club that eleanor first caught the eye of lord montagu so much so that she went on to become his private secretary at the car illustrated the weekly magazine he founded and edited and ultimately his mistress by all accounts eleanor was regarded as ‘the brains’ behind the business while she worked with lord montagu yet judging by this description of her by sykes’ daughter josephine she was also a very liberated and inspirational woman ‘she hated clothes she needed to live with people who were free in their ideas she loved life she was an amazing woman she definitely had quite an influence on my father’s work.’ the story of the illicit edwardian love affair between lord montagu and eleanor was ultimately to end in tragedy while accompanying him on a voyage to india in 1915 their ship the ss persia was

at the front of the car the spirit of ecstasy which is traditionally crafted in stainless steel can be fashioned in solid sterling silver gold-plate or if desired illuminated more personal touches can feature within the interior customers have carte blanche when it comes to selecting the colour palette for their leather upholstery they can also choose alternative wood veneers in numerous combinations to make the interior of their car even more distinctive on one occasion the bespoke team furnished an interior with veneer from a tree felled on a customer’s estate while some requests could rival those of the maharajas of india for whom no level of ornamentation was too lavish or costly many are a lot more discrete customer’s crests initials or insignia can be embroidered on to the seat headrests or inlaid into the veneer should they desire a cigar humidor for their glove compartment a chilled drinks cabinet between the rear seats or a secure safe in the boot the bespoke

phantom series ii vertical motifs upright features underscoring shoulder and length long rear overhang short front

102ex with the absence of many overt design changes the designers were challenged with creating a special paint finish which would distinguish 102ex from a standard phantom not an easy task when the bespoke paint options on phantom run to over 44,000 colours after extensive research they created ‘atlantic chrome’ a highly reflective paint that uses ceramic nano particles that are 1,000 times smaller than normal metallic paint particles the striking paint finish has the appearance of liquid metal and took 16 coats of paint to achieve 102ex represented one of the most far-reaching initiatives undertaken by rolls-royce motor cars in recent years while it was the world’s first battery powered electric vehicle in the ultra-luxury segment this wasn’t the first time the company and its founders in particular had experimented with electricpowered vehicles before he turned his hand to manufacturing motor cars henry royce was an accomplished electrical engineer one of