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102ex with the absence of many overt design changes the designers were challenged with creating a special paint finish which would distinguish 102ex from a standard phantom not an easy task when the bespoke paint options on phantom run to over 44,000 colours after extensive research they created ‘atlantic chrome’ a highly reflective paint that uses ceramic nano particles that are 1,000 times smaller than normal metallic paint particles the striking paint finish has the appearance of liquid metal and took 16 coats of paint to achieve 102ex represented one of the most far-reaching initiatives undertaken by rolls-royce motor cars in recent years while it was the world’s first battery powered electric vehicle in the ultra-luxury segment this wasn’t the first time the company and its founders in particular had experimented with electricpowered vehicles before he turned his hand to manufacturing motor cars henry royce was an accomplished electrical engineer one of his earliest clients was pritchett and gold who developed a two-seater electric car which was powered by a henry royce electric motor charles rolls also toyed with electric motoring in the years before he met royce having negotiated the rights to sell an electric brougham through his dealership in conduit street london indeed he is on record discussing the merits and his concerns about electric drive trains over one hundred years ago ‘they are perfectly noiseless and clean there is no smell or vibration and they should become very useful for town use when fixed charging stations can be arranged but for country use i do not anticipate they will be very serviceable – at least not for many years to come.’ consequently he turned his attention to selling petrol-powered cars the spirit of ecstasy was sculpted from a translucent polymer and uplit with blue led light – hinting at the electric technology beneath the bonnet 132 133