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1907 40/50 hp silver ghost london to edinburgh run of the silver ghost over 14,371 miles in top gear production moves to derby 1900 1906 march 1906 rolls-royce the company is established 1904 1910 collaboration agreed between rolls and royce c s rolls killed in aeroplane crash in bournemouth the 10 hp 1904 1911 4 may 1904 charles stewart rolls meets frederick henry royce at the midland hotel in manchester the spirit of ecstasy introduced design by sculptor charles sykes 1906 40/50 silver ghost 1914 aircraft engine production starts

contents preface7 wraith38 foreword8 goodwood62 introduction12 assembly71 the founders 15 bespoke85 claude johnson 20 design and engineering rolls-royce engines 23 experimental cars the spirit of ecstasy 27 index117 owners33 93

miss england iii in 1932 kaye don broke the world record twice in one day in miss england iii on loch lomond scotland reaching 117.43 mph on his first attempt and 119.81 mph on his second thrust ssc the first car to break the sound barrier miss england iii was salvaged from lake windermere to be restored to her former glory she went on to break the 100 mph barrier this time with kaye don at the helm who set a new record of 103.49 mph on the parana river in argentina in 1931 don then went on to break the record again on lake garda in italy with a top speed of 110.22 mph the ‘r’ engine continued to push the world water speed record higher and higher sir malcolm campbell broke it three times in bluebird k3 at the end of 1938 it stood at 130.93 mph a year later at coniston water in bluebird k4 he broke the record again where he reached 141.74 mph the 300 mph barrier and set a new record of 301.13 mph on 19 november 1937 george eyston raised the record to 312.00 mph in his car

goodwood the home of rolls-royce motor

woodwork beautiful wood is integral to rolls-royce motor cars to furnish the interiors only the finest veneers are sourced and selected from around the world the veneers are then shipped to goodwood and are stored in a specially humidified room where they absorb moisture which makes them supple enough to work without cracking to ensure consistency of grain colour and patina the veneer for each car is cut from consecutive slices of the same tree once the pieces of veneer are selected they are pieced together by skilled craftspeople many of whom worked as boat builders before they came to goodwood they employ many of the techniques they would have used in making luxury yachts including crossbanding which involves contrasting veneers and inlaid boxwood beading in wraith you can choose to have the interior clad in canadel panelling tactile with a light satin finish it retains the material’s natural texture evoking the interior ambience of a super-luxury yacht shown here in mimosa

experimental cars are not concept cars they are fully functioning vehicles in their own right and throughout its history rolls-royce has used experimental cars as rolling testbeds to develop and refine new ideas and engineering solutions that one day may be incorporated in future rolls-royce production cars it’s one of the reasons why today rolls-royce remains at the forefront of automotive design and