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a unique presence phantom coupé’s sporting credentials are evident at first glance the powerful profile and low-slung carriage give an instant impression of strength its purposeful look is further enhanced by the visible exhausts and 21 wheels and these are wheels like no other they are the largest fitted as standard to a production car and are perfectly proportioned at half the phantom coupé’s height the wheels create the iconic rolls-royce stance and you can choose from 12 different specifications each of which has its own special character they even sport self-righting centres to ensure the monogram is always correctly

a sense of inner space behind the generous coach doors you will find a calm interior that makes any journey as rewarding for the passenger as for the driver featuring high-gloss veneers wide expanses of luxurious natural grain leather and chrome fittings the phantom coupé is quite simply a pleasure to be in you notice the promise of performance as soon as you take your seat the thicker rimmed steering wheel offers greater grip enhancing your driving pleasure to add a personalised touch you can also specify metal steering wheel

enjoy your own skyscape experience the romance of the night sky as you travel covering the entire length of the roof lining a constellation of 1,600 fibre-optic lights creates the impression of a star-filled night bright enough to read by on the highest setting they can be switched off completely or dimmed to a soothing glow in phantom coupé you have got the best seats in the house with wide expanses of hand-stitched leatherwork and colour permeating right through the full grain all front and rear seats feature heating and you can also add your own touches by specifying contrast stitching piping and leather

dynamic driving for the ultimate in performance our dynamic package accentuates the sporty manoeuvrability from the stiffer suspension to the thicker steering wheel from the alternative gearbox tuning to the linear braking characteristics the dynamic package delivers the edge you would expect from a classic coupé with the elegance and power of

unique details add personal touches and embellishments to create a car that is truly unique to you for instance you may choose to add personalised monogram embroidery into the headrests footplates or inlays on the passenger panel even the spirit of ecstasy can be finished to your tastes illuminated or gold plated for example when it comes to colour anything is possible rolls-royce has an incredible 44,000 hues ready for you to choose from the bespoke team can even create a unique shade and name it after you and for a final flourish the distinctive coachlines can be added painstakingly hand painted with a brush made from ox and squirrel

phantom coupé technical specification 5612 mm 220.9 in 3320 mm 130.7 in 1987 mm 78.2 in dimensions vehicle length vehicle width vehicle height unladen wheelbase performance 5612 mm 220.9 inches 1987 mm 78.2 inches 1598 mm 62.9 inches 3320 mm 130.7 inches weight unladen weight din curb weight usa 2580 kg 5688 lb 2629 kg 5795 lb engine engine cylinders valves fuel management maximum torque engine speed power output engine speed v 12 48 direct injection 720 nm 531 lb ft 3500 rpm 453 bhp 460 ps din 338 kw 5350 rpm manufacturer’s test results actual acceleration results may vary depending on specifications of the vehicle road and environmental conditions testing procedures and driving styles these results should be used for comparison only and verification should not be attempted on public roads top speed acceleration 0-60 mph acceleration 0-100 km/h 155 mph 250 km/h governed 5.6 sec 5.8 sec fuel consumption – exhaust emissions standard eu-5 urban