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1950 1959 phantom iv only 18 built silver cloud ii phantom v 1965 silver shadow first monocoque model 1950 1955 1962 1968 silver cloud silver cloud iii twin headlights phantom vi

sir henry royce frederick henry royce was born in alwalton peterborough in 1863 the youngest of five children royce moved to london to support his impoverished family he began by selling newspapers for whsmith son and then became a telegraph boy for the post office delivering telegrams around the west end of london it is even suggested that he delivered congratulatory telegrams to lord and lady llangattock on the birth of their son charles in mayfair in 1877 the 14-year-old royce’s fortunes changed when an aunt offered to pay for an apprenticeship at the great northern railway works in peterborough working under the influence of one of the outstanding engineers of the day royce took every available opportunity to improve his education spending his evenings studying algebra french and electrical engineering with a natural talent for engineering emerging he found a job with the electric light and power company in london and later moved to their liverpool branch 12 13 in 1884 at

charles robinson sykes sculptor of the spirit of ecstasy 24 25 it was while working as claude johnson’s private secretary at the automobile club that eleanor first caught the eye of lord montagu so much so that she went on to become his private secretary at the car illustrated the weekly magazine he founded and edited and ultimately his mistress by all accounts eleanor was regarded as ‘the brains’ behind the business while she worked with lord montagu yet judging by this description of her by sykes’ daughter josephine she was also a very liberated and inspirational woman ‘she hated clothes she needed to live with people who were free in their ideas she loved life she was an amazing woman she definitely had quite an influence on my father’s work.’ the story of the illicit edwardian love affair between lord montagu and eleanor was ultimately to end in tragedy while accompanying him on a voyage to india in 1915 their ship the ss persia was

self-righting wheel hub centres they ensure that the interlinked ‘rr’ logo remains upright at all times the myth of the badge colour when david ogilvy wrote his famous advertisement for rolls-royce he stated ‘the rolls-royce radiator has never changed except for when sir henry royce died in 1933 and the monogram rr was changed from red to black’ however an internal rolls-royce memo dated 18 december 1930 proves this was untrue ‘the radiator medallion is filled in red and is generally the only red on the car artistically this may and often is considered to be wrong … could we not standardise a black fitting?’ the red medallion is still used by rolls-royce motor cars for their experimental models classic rolls-royce eyeball vents organ stops and dials provide a simple and elegant alternative to digital readouts and

ghost extended wheelbase’s rear-hinged coach doors open to an angle of 83 degrees and add an extra sense of theatre and occasion when entering or exiting the