2015 Rolls Royce Ghost by Rolls-Royce North America

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self-righting wheel hub centres they ensure that the interlinked ‘rr’ logo remains upright at all times the myth of the badge colour when david ogilvy wrote his famous advertisement for rolls-royce he stated ‘the rolls-royce radiator has never changed except for when sir henry royce died in 1933 and the monogram rr was changed from red to black’ however an internal rolls-royce memo dated 18 december 1930 proves this was untrue ‘the radiator medallion is filled in red and is generally the only red on the car artistically this may and often is considered to be wrong … could we not standardise a black fitting?’ the red medallion is still used by rolls-royce motor cars for their experimental models classic rolls-royce eyeball vents organ stops and dials provide a simple and elegant alternative to digital readouts and buttons.