2016-2 Rolls Royce Black Badge by Rolls-Royce North America

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the ultimate c on tro l behind the bold aesthetics effortless power lies poised rolls-royce black badge possesses the raw energy and agility to forge its own course armed with a muscular 6.6-litre v12 engine and honed gearbox both models are capable of searing pace as the speed increases intuition takes over movements become tighter the black badge powertrain reacts to the driver and contact with the road becomes ever closer along with enhanced steering and emboldened suspension it delivers an assured straight-line performance whatever the conditions promising to thrill the senses and command attention ghost black badge unleashes an enhanced torque of 840nm delivering increased power and making it the fastest ghost yet intensified with black badge wraith upholds the pinnacle rolls-royce position reaching 0-60mph in just 4.3 seconds and with a powerful 870nm torque the 8-speed automatic transmission allows you to pull off with ease and delivers shorter gear ratios and higher revs for the most daring of drives these motor cars deliver a rolls-royce driving experience like no other.