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i m me r s e yo u r s el f a model range this uncompromising deserves an entertainment system of equal audacity one that can awaken the senses and provide a soundtrack to all of life’s journeys add to the drama by enhancing your motor car with the bespoke audio system whatever the conditions outside this intuitive technology adapts automatically adjusting tone and volume settings accordingly sound correction simultaneously purges loud or dead spots leaving you utterly immersed in the purest acoustics optional extras such as wifi hotspot and connect app integration ensure driver and passengers remain connected easily browse the internet on any device and integrate innovative functions from your phone into your car.your chosen rss news feeds will keep you updated on the move and listen to any radio station from around the world with google™ send to car and local search you can transfer your chosen destination directly into the navigation system so you know where you are going as soon as you start the engine.