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to driveis to com m an d step into ghost and take control.the modern finishes and the contrast leather highlights instantly create a dynamic feel with the spirit of ecstasy rotary controller you can access directions the internet or music and even scribe letters onto the touchpad with a mere swipe of your finger ensuring nothing distracts you from the pleasure of driving.the front seats with thigh support place you in the perfect position for a truly effortless drive wherever your journey takes

t r ave l i n styl e surround yourself with unrivalled craftsmanship passengers in the rear seats can relax into the sumptuous support offered by the comfort headrest cushions with soft soothing cores encased in the highest-grade natural grain leather the new brushed aluminium fascia provides a modern finish that offers a beautiful contrast to the sleek piano black lacquer of the door cappings for a dazzling finishing touch opt for our highly bespoke starlight headliner available for standard wheelbase models and travel beneath your own constellation our expert craftspeople painstakingly fit over 1,300 delicate fibre optic strands into the finest leather bathing the interior in starlight it’s the perfect alliance of traditional craftsmanship and modern

e ffo rtl e s s tech no logy ghost is one of the most technologically advanced cars ever built powered by a twin turbo 6.6 litre v12 engine every detail is precisely engineered for an effortless driving experience driving becomes intuitive as technology delivers more intelligence than ever before satellite aided transmission uses gps data teamed with the navigation system to scan the road it then chooses the right gear on the eight-speed transmission to deliver power smoothly without any unnecessary gear changes so you can surge around every corner and accelerate out of every

yo uareinc ontrol the bespoke audio system delivers sound that inspires immerse yourself in the unmatched auditory experience delivered by 18 speakers positioned throughout the vehicle finely tuned to offer a rich deep sound this hi-fi constantly monitors exterior conditions and adjusts tone and volume settings automatically while sound correction eliminates potential loud and dead spots ensuring a pure ‘larger than live’ experience within the car your ghost is available with the option of our comfort entry system that remotely senses the key’s presence so you can unlock the door simply by grasping the handle you have unprecedented control inside the car too with a spirit of ecstasy rotary controller in the rear you can access your personal choice of entertainment through the theatre system independently controlled high-resolution 9.2” screens create a cinematic experience in the rear that makes even the longest journey

a new sense of p urp ose the spirit of ecstasy has always been the vanguard of rolls-royce and now she has been slightly raised in height to create an even more dynamic yet graceful presence every detail that flows behind her is equally considered from the elegant wake in the bonnet to the paintwork with five layers of primer paint and high-gloss clear coat as well as a meticulous hand-polished finishing process ghost looks flawless from every angle whichever colour you select as a final touch you can choose to add single or double coachlines hand-painted by our master

ow n the ni ght when still ghost black badge exudes a magnetic presence from the moment it arrives the dark chrome grille announces a daring new aesthetic layer upon layer of xirallic® paint enhances its dramatic silhouette and takes the black bodywork to new depths complemented with flashes of dark chrome on the boot lid and exhaust pipes.the 21” carbon fibre composite wheels add to the striking presence while the badge and spirit of ecstasy also reborn in black become contemporary incarnations of the most classic of automotive icons this is a motor car that does not hide in the shadows… but revels in the

i n co mpar abl e int ens it y darkened vent surrounds carbon accents beyond the door of ghost black badge lies a sleekly luxurious cabin cloaked in attitude where the smoothest black leather contrasts with a vivid palette of bold colours aircraft-grade aluminium thread has been expertly woven into carbon fibre to form a new technical fibre unique to the automotive world this striking design transforms the inside from the fascia to the door cappings and picnic tables surrounding you with the glint of possibility an infinity symbol embellishes the clock and rear centre seat the definitive symbol for a person with a daring attitude and desire to push

ins pi r at i o n is everywh e r e your rolls-royce is the ultimate expression of you whatever inspires you – an iconic era a favourite city the beauty of nature – our bespoke team can bring it to life in your car to reflect your tastes exactly the only limit is your

ignite yo urim agi nat i o n this rolls-royce ghost found inspiration in the majestic riches of india named after the ‘tiger of mysore’ a legendary sultan and ruler of the kingdom of mysore in 18th-century india this bespoke model echoes the golden age of maharajas and princely states a jewel in the ghost crown it brings together india’s national bird capturing the power of the tiger and the prowess of the peacock – an instant collector’s item the graceful exterior contrasts vivid peacock blue with cool tones inside hand-stitched tiger and peacock motifs adorn the headrests coachline and marquetry.the seashell armrest emulates the peacock unveiling its colours when lowered feather embroidery in moccasin and vivid turchese is

ghost black badge technical specification 1948 mm 76.7 in 5399 mm 212.6 in 3295 mm 129.7 in dimensions vehicle length vehicle width vehicle height unladen wheelbase turning circle boot volume din performance 5399 mm 212.6 in 1948 mm 76.7 in 1550 mm 61.0 in 3295 mm 129.7 in 13.4 m 44.0 ft 490 ltr 17.3 ft3 weight unladen weight din curb weight usa to be confirmed at start of production 2490 kg 5490 lb engine engine cylinders valves fuel type fuel management maximum torque engine speed power output engine speed v 12 48 10:1 premium unleaded direct injection 840 nm 620 lb ft 1650-5000 rpm 603 bhp 450 kw 612 ps 5250 rpm the engine is designed for octane grade 95 fuel however it may be run on fuel with a minimum octane grade of 91 † top speed acceleration 0-60 mph usa acceleration 0-100 km/h usa 155 mph 250 km/h governed 4.6 sec 4.8 sec fuel consumption urban extra urban combined consumption co2 emissions combined 21.7ltr/100 km 13 mpg lmp 9.9ltr/100 km