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introducing an iconic range no other marque can boast either the prestige or heritage of rolls-royce designed and built to the most exacting of standards these remarkable motor cars remain timeless while constantly pushing the boundaries of automotive excellence each model is imbued with its own distinctive style and personality yet they all share the powerful presence and refined design cues that make them inimitably a

p recis io ntec hno logy incredibly powerful yet outstandingly agile supremely luxurious and utterly comfortable phantom can only combine such a host of contrasting characteristics by employing leading edge technology built around a lightweight aluminium spaceframe phantom achieves an incredible level of structural sturdiness.this not only enhances the driving performance but also the sumptuous comfort that only a motor car of this calibre can deliver because the interior is tranquil and quiet its occupants can immerse themselves in the extraordinarily rich sounds of the infotainment system without disturbance.the rotary controller puts a vast array of technology at your fingertips and ensures you always stay linked to your

technology at your fingertips a motor car this daring deserves the most progressive technology and wraith possesses an exceptional level of intuition day or night this model is alert to its environment scanning for hazards reacting instinctively by harnessing advanced technology and gps data it assesses the path ahead so you are supported through each moment of every drive as you surge around every twist and soar through any manoeuvre yet you retain ultimate control it opens to your touch and is connected to your world wraith is yours to command and yours to

daw n night lifts to reveal a striking new silhouette a rolls-royce like no other yet steeped in prestigious heritage inspired by the iconic silver dawn of the 1950s dawn provides the perfect blend of sophistication and true freedom infused with a youthful spirit and vivacious energy this inspiring motor car harnesses an exacting balance of power and possibility and heralds a brand new

true c r af t sm anshi p every rolls-royce receives the most painstaking attention to detail during its production at our state-of-the-art plant at goodwood it takes no less than 60 pairs of hands to take each motor car to a finish worthy of carrying our marque in our paint shop reaching perfection involves five coats of specialist paint plus a finishing lacquer on each panel followed by five hours of meticulous polishing up to a month will be spent shaping sanding lacquering and hand-polishing separate wooden interior parts which are then book-matched by eye for absolute symmetry we only source our leather from a-grade bull hide to ensure there are no stretch marks then before a motor car is deemed ready to leave goodwood it must pass the most stringent quality tests only when we are 100 satisfied will any rolls-royce be handed to its

u n iqu e cr eat io ns pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the automotive world our bespoke motor cars draw inspiration from sources as diverse as nature an iconic city or even cult tv serenity phantom is one of these remarkable cars that are testament to the exceptional skills of our dedicated craftspeople embodying a new level of highly individualised design unmatched by any other luxury motor car in the world our craftspeople embroidered this unique silk interior with delicate crimson flowers and for a finishing touch smoked cherrywood veneers were adorned with mother of pearl marquetry creating the atmosphere of a tranquil garden of