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c ha llen ging ex pe c tat i o ns while wraith is both daring and unique it is still a rolls-royce through and through.the principal design statements that set this prestigious marque apart are present in the classic 2:1 proportions of wheel to roof height the long overhang beyond the back wheels and the signature rear-hinged coach doors wraith also challenges and pushes rolls-royce’s aesthetic boundaries when seen in profile its elegant fastback design deeply recessed vertical front grille and twin exhausts give it a powerful striking silhouette even the spirit of ecstasy which is angled further forward in a bold stance adds to the drama.the combined effect is a car that creates a unique sense of theatre wherever it

e v e ry t h i ng i s co ns ider ed wraith’s coach doors open to reveal the most enticing four-seat grand tourer capable of accommodating the driver three passengers and their luggage with ease and in ultimate luxury while the exterior exudes purpose the sweeping interior lines promise absolute comfort a selection of exquisitely hand-crafted veneers created from oneof-a-kind arcs of wood allows you to add your own stylistic touch to wraith choose canadel panelling to beautifully enhance the interiors as our master craftspeople gracefully curve this exceptional expanse of open grain veneer around the contours of the coach doors alternatively select elegant piano black lacquering to finish the veneers while brushed aluminium introduces a crisp contemporary edge to the sleek metal

a dva n ced tech no lo g y with its satellite aided transmission wraith uses gps data and its navigation system to predict the road ahead and automatically selects the right gear on the eight-speed transmission in addition active cruise control uses a radar to keep track of the cars ahead and will brake automatically to maintain a safe distance ensuring the smoothest possible ride for both driver and passengers for a more informed drive the intelligent head up display projects critical information in to the natural field of vision not only does this lessen eye-strain it also ensures that the driver’s attention can focus on the road ahead cameras offer a 360-degree view around the car for assistance with manoeuvres while at night an infrared eye positioned in the front grille is able to detect potential hazards such as people and animals up to an impressive 300 metres away.the assisted ‘night vision’ extends far beyond the headlights’ beam and provides the

s tepi nto dar knes s an irresistible invitation for the risk-takers and rule-breakers for those who crave the bolder side of life.this is a twist on the world’s most iconic automotive marque this is wraith black badge the most arresting aesthetic ever to grace a rolls-royce black badge is the boldest expression for those who dare to be

c o mmand at t ent io n at rest wraith black badge has a bewitching aura in motion it exudes formidable prowess subtle yet powerful design features create its bolder edge chrome is darkened and paint is deepened the darkness has taken over the sculptured front bumper and dark chrome grille emphasise its muscular presence whilst the 21” carbon fibre composite wheels make a distinctive statement wraith’s led lights guide you through the night with the transformed spirit of ecstasy fashioned in a rebellious black leading the way into the darkness towards undiscovered adventures this is a motor car with true purpose and real intent a motor car that lets your daring side take

the p ower to p e rfor m beyond the imposing exterior energy lies poised.the uprated 6.6 litre v12 engine creates a feeling of endless power and potency married to a new gearbox it delivers more torque and lower ratios that bolster the straight-line performance the black badge powertrain has been crafted specifically to react intuitively to driver input.the result is sharpened responses and with enhanced steering and suspension that deliver exceptional contact with the road this is a rolls-royce driving experience like no other for those who feel the unmistakable pull of adventure this is a motor car with the performance to dominate the

bes poke to yo u the rolls-royce bespoke programme allows you to create a unique car that articulates your individual sense of style our engineers and craftspeople will take care of everything from the smallest details to the biggest statements bringing your imagination to life commission personalised monogram embroidery in the headrests treadplates or passenger panel inlays express yourself in colour choosing from a vast palette for everything from the two-tone exterior right down to the interior stitching.you can even have the spirit of ecstasy finished to your taste and for a final flourish contrasting coachlines embellished with your monogram can be meticulously hand painted with a brush made from ox and squirrel hair more than simply a car this is your

wraith i ns pi redby from the red carpet to the silver screen the wraith inspired by models celebrate the glamorous worlds of music fashion and film the finest materials unrivalled engineering standards and the boundless imaginations of our bespoke team set the scene for these head-turning motor cars the golden age of cinema is captured in wraith inspired by film immerse yourself in the theatre of the motion picture where a breathtaking 6.6-litre twin-turbo v12 engine delivers a thrilling performance.the striking twotone silver finish evokes the glamour of the screen a choice of anthracite or seashell leather seats and the cross-banded macassar ebony dashboard veneers ooze elegance while the unique treadplates and clock make this the ultimate car please consult your dealer for more information and stock availability inspired by

the long-standing love affair between rolls-royce and the musical industry is rekindled in wraith inspired by music – delivering an unparalleled sensory experience on every level copper the intrinsic element of the world’s finest sound systems establishes the tone.this rich hue extends from the monotone lyrical copper exterior to shimmering copper accents beyond the coach doors inside a bespoke sound system turns this show-stopping model into a private music venue please consult your dealer for more information and stock

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