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th e home of rolls-royce goodwood is the modern home of rolls-royce motor cars set in the south downs and designed by the world-renowned architect sir nicholas grimshaw our modern day home embodies our ethos of bringing modern technology and traditional skills together every rolls-royce model is hand-built under the same roof – one of the largest single-span ‘living roofs’ in europe covered with thousands of sedum plants it changes colour with the seasons and helps our building blend seamlessly with the surrounding countryside as do the cedar cladding louvres which automatically adjust to shield the glare of the sun thanks to the extensive use of glass in the building’s construction the workshops are flooded with natural light which creates the perfect environment for our craftspeople to hone their skills and transform the finest natural materials into the finest cars in the

p hanto m e xt e nd e d wh eelb as e phantom extended wheelbase promises inner comfort and outer charisma with a whisper-quiet performance that makes this the perfect space to work entertain or relax in between engagements enjoy exceptional privacy as you step inside thanks to extra length in the coach doors stretch out in supreme comfort with an additional 25cm of legroom in the rear not only is this an interior of luxury proportions but one that offers infinite possibilities for bespoke personalisation it becomes a truly exclusive space in a motor car that will not go

gho s t fami ly the principle of delivering simplicity out of complexity runs throughout ghost and ghost extended wheelbase everything is designed engineered and crafted to be so invitingly approachable so simple that either car becomes fitting for any occasion – and at home in any landscape with an exceptional level of control every ride is graceful dynamic and a pure pleasure so nothing distracts you from the exhilaration of

s tat e o f t h e art technology ghost is one of the most technically advanced motor cars ever built – designed to make sure nothing stands in the way of the pleasure of driving the powerful engine paired with an intelligent satellite aided transmission ensures each journey is as effortless as it is exhilarating with road scanning technology smooth manoeuvres are ensured – allowing passengers to enjoy a journey of complete ease when it comes to entertainment the cutting edge bespoke audio system promises the purest and most immersive sound imaginable with ghost each exceptional part comes together to create a seamless whole with every detail engineered for an unmatched driving

c r a ft and technology you have unprecedented control inside ghost with a spirit of ecstasy rotary controller in the rear you can access your personal choice of entertainment through the theatre system independently controlled high-resolution 9.2 screens create a cinematic experience in the rear that makes even the longest journey entertaining options such as wifi hotspot and connect app integration ensure driver and passengers remain connected easily browse the internet on any device and integrate functions from your phone into your car with googleâ„¢ send to car and local search you can transfer your chosen destination directly into the navigation system so you know where you are going as soon as you start the

wraith family the traditional grand tourer has long been associated with elegance pace and beauty now with this new incarnation of wraith rolls-royce redefines the genre quite simply the most powerful rolls-royce ever created this enigmatic motor car sets the benchmark as the ultimate luxury gt wraith puts you in possession of an entirely new range of experiences a motor car for the restless seekers pursuing unparalleled adventures exquisitely marrying performance control and refinement it will transport you on the road and in your mind to the most exhilarating

w r ait h b l ack b ad g e day becomes night.this is the time for your bolder side a moment when the rebel inside is unleashed in a daring statement of transformation darkness has taken over chrome is darkened and paint can be deepened unique 21 carbon fibre composite wheels with a central spider forged from aluminium alloy immediately capture attention as you step into the darkness wraith’s led lights guide you into the night with the dark goddess leading the way through undiscovered adventures the transformation continues inside with dark chrome features technical fibre fascia and black leather with your chosen accent colour this is the ultimate combination of luxury and bold expression every sense is heightened through state-of-the-art technology an uprated 6.6 litre v12 engine and new gearbox enhance wraith’s performance whilst intensified steering torque and suspension deliver exceptional contact with the road.this is a model for those who feel the unmistakable

st riki ngly seductive from the moment dawn emerges in the distance its agility and athleticism are clear to see dawn’s captivating charisma is felt from the very first encounter the exterior exudes understated class with a flawless hand-polished finish giving it a marble-smooth sheen sleek yet edgy contours add to dawn’s seductive look complete with a tapered ‘wake channel’ on the bonnet reminiscent of a jet’s vapour trail just as a new day holds the promise of endless possibility so too dawn offers a sense of adventure and discovery inspiring voyages are made even more exceptional by dawn’s luxurious cabin four individual seats are wrapped in supple natural grain leather with contrast stitching and a flowing hand-cut wood veneer brings a sense of the outdoors

i nspir at ionis every w here your rolls-royce is the ultimate expression of you whatever inspires you – an iconic era a favourite city the beauty of nature – our bespoke team can bring it to life in your car to reflect your tastes