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the p ower to t rans form with intensity and power black badge is built to perform these imposing motor cars radiate an inner confidence – which is perfectly reflected in their athletic and self-assured performance concentrated contact with the road a thrilling surge of power that sharpens the senses.the black badge range delivers the most potent driving experience sculpted to perfection and pure in form their muscular prowess hints at the sheer power that lies within just as day turns to night rolls-royce black badge offers true transformation liberate the rebel within embrace the

as dark as night fa ll black has many dimensions mystery power rebellion with the ability to subtly shift tone it has the influence to possess the observer to achieve deepest darkest degrees of black rolls-royce craftspeople meticulously apply layer upon layer of primer followed by specially formulated xirallic® paint and high-gloss coatings only when a rolls-royce black badge has been hand-polished to perfection is it unleashed into the

i nf i ni te possi bi li ti es the allure of what is yet to be discovered rolls-royce black badge issues an irresistible invitation to step inside a space like no other this is a luxurious cabin with an abundance of attitude a mix of innovative technically crafted materials and bold upholstery forms the interior of black badge the seats are expertly modelled to provide the utmost comfort smooth leather in the richest of black hues is cut through with daring accent colours in a unique expression of contemporary style on the rear seat centre appears a subtle yet enigmatic emblem one that also embellishes the feature clock.this exclusive infinity symbol is a perpetual reminder for a person with a daring attitude and desire to push limits the centrepiece is the technical fibre fascia a stunning display of advanced design made from aircraft-grade aluminium thread woven into carbon fibre carrying through to the door cappings akin to working with precious and expensive jewels technological

m y st e ri ousa llu r e for black badge refinement is uncompromising behind the wheel you feel like anything is possible the cabin is transformed by a darker interpretation of luxury featuring a horseshoe sweep design the cabin cocoons all passengers in the sumptuous leather enjoy massage options in the front seats which promise to maintain a refreshing invigorating environment or relax with ample space and privacy in the rear set into the dashboard is the black badge clock – its hands tipped in orange to provide a subtle but potent contrast to the rest of the interior add to the ambiance of wraith and be engulfed in your own star-filled night sky with a starlight headlining comprising 1,340 fibre optic lights with the brightness of each star adjustable to suit your mood in black badge you control the night this is a motor car conceived and designed for those who revel in pushing boundaries.the adventurous at heart.the freedom

m a k e your m ark hand-built in goodwood inspired by you create a rolls-royce black badge that’s inimitably and unmistakably yours with our exclusive bespoke programme no statement is too bold and no detail too intricate for our craftspeople from hand-embroidered headrests to customised treadplates – or a personal hand-painted monogram integrated into the coachline rekindle memories reignite passions bring your black badge to life in the ultimate expression of