2018 Rolls Royce Black Badge by Rolls-Royce North America

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i nf i ni te possi bi li ti es the allure of what is yet to be discovered rolls-royce black badge issues an irresistible invitation to step inside a space like no other this is a luxurious cabin with an abundance of attitude a mix of innovative technically crafted materials and bold upholstery forms the interior of black badge the seats are expertly modelled to provide the utmost comfort smooth leather in the richest of black hues is cut through with daring accent colours in a unique expression of contemporary style on the rear seat centre appears a subtle yet enigmatic emblem one that also embellishes the feature clock.this exclusive infinity symbol is a perpetual reminder for a person with a daring attitude and desire to push limits the centrepiece is the technical fibre fascia a stunning display of advanced design made from aircraft-grade aluminium thread woven into carbon fibre carrying through to the door cappings akin to working with precious and expensive jewels technological precision is essential and perfection is the only acceptable result.