2018 Rolls Royce Black Badge by Rolls-Royce North America

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m y st e ri ousa llu r e for black badge refinement is uncompromising behind the wheel you feel like anything is possible the cabin is transformed by a darker interpretation of luxury featuring a horseshoe sweep design the cabin cocoons all passengers in the sumptuous leather enjoy massage options in the front seats which promise to maintain a refreshing invigorating environment or relax with ample space and privacy in the rear set into the dashboard is the black badge clock – its hands tipped in orange to provide a subtle but potent contrast to the rest of the interior add to the ambiance of wraith and be engulfed in your own star-filled night sky with a starlight headlining comprising 1,340 fibre optic lights with the brightness of each star adjustable to suit your mood in black badge you control the night this is a motor car conceived and designed for those who revel in pushing boundaries.the adventurous at heart.the freedom seekers.