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e f f o rtle ss e xhil a r at i o n strong yet seductive with the roof up or down dawn is gracefully athletic the imposing front grille sweeping shoulder line and slender roof evoke a vision of dynamism.the self-adjusting suspension makes every surface feel as smooth as glass while sleek side windows create a private intimate atmosphere – hinting at the welcoming sanctuary within on the open road or the driveway dawn simmers with power and

s ed ucti ve sophis t i c at i o n with dawn the journey becomes a destination in itself open the door to unveil an inviting cabin sumptuous banks of natural grain leather form a soft continuous line with the outside enveloping four individual seats to create an elegant inspiring haven savour the tranquility of dawn’s interior where pure comfort is paired with a sense of true freedom experience the sensory pleasure of the finest bespoke craftsmanship hand-cut wood veneer infuses the interior with energy – add natural variation with your choice of contemporary open grain canadel panelling or classic burr finishes opt for contrast stitching and rolls-royce monograms on the headrests or truly make dawn your own with personalised piping and hand-stitched embroidery dawn also offers a full-length central console featuring individual climate controls and personal storage space.the utmost comfort is assured from your journey’s beginning to its

shar e the experie nce always poised and ready to go dawn awaits your next adventure with the unmatched convenience of our comfort entry system dawn senses the key in your pocket – unlocking at the touch of the handle you can store preferences such as your preferred steering wheel position on the key ensuring that you are ready to embark on your journey the moment you open the door as you glide along revel in the unrivalled quality of dawn’s bespoke audio system – expertly tuned to offer a pure rich sound with eighteen speakers that automatically adjust to overcome exterior noise this superior hi-fi provides the soundtrack for memorable

c re at e you r ma st erpi ec e with our exclusive bespoke programme dawn becomes a unique expression of your individuality make design suggestions to your dealer or work directly with our bespoke team as expert engineers and craftspeople they can achieve bold statements and subtle touches – down to the last exquisite detail seize your chance to redefine what is possible from a dazzling range of exterior hues to sophisticated interiors the opportunities for personalisation are endless choose hand-embroidered headrests customised treadplates or inlays on the passenger panel for a final flourish make your mark with a painstakingly crafted coachline complete with your own hand-painted

dawn black badge technical specification 5285 mm 208.1 in 1947 mm 76.7 in 3112 mm 122.5 in dimensions vehicle length vehicle width vehicle height unladen wheelbase track front track rear track rear usa performance† 5285 mm 208.1 in 1947 mm 76.7 in 1502 mm 59.1 in 3112 mm 122.5 in 1618 mm 63.7 in 1665 mm 65.0 in 1665 mm 65.0 in weight unladen weight din 2560 kg 5203 lb engine engine cylinders valves fuel type fuel management maximum torque engine speed power output engine speed v 12 48 10:1 premium unleaded direct injection 840 nm 620 lb ft 1650-4750 rpm 593 bhp 601 ps din 442 kw 5250-6000 rpm  the engine is designed for octane grade 95 fuel however it may be run on fuel with a minimum octane grade of 91 † manufacturer’s test results actual acceleration results may vary depending on specifications of the vehicle road and environmental conditions testing procedures and driving styles these results should be used for comparison only and