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a nexquisiteh av e n step into your exclusive cocoon where sublime comforts and intuitive discreet technology are always at your fingertips whether it’s the head up display or a night vision infrared camera in the grille then there’s the iconic spirit of ecstasy rotary controller in the rear connected to ghost’s theatre system high-resolution 9.2” screens take passengers on an extraordinary cinematic

b e yo ndthisworld darkness requires a new definition one that encapsulates poise audacity and ethereal mystique that beckons adventure and evokes an insatiable need to go further a striking twist on an automotive icon black badge is the boldest expression of rolls-royce yet with a presence that belongs beyond our world its natural state bestrides dimension and refuses to conform though nameless this enigma is embodied by ghost black

s av ouralltheintensity enigmatic yet compelling ghost black badge leaves you wondering what lies beyond its doors open to a world of wonder from the star-studded roof liner to the sumptuous leather seats bursts of vivid colour contrast yet connect with each element endless possibilities are epitomised by the infinity symbol emblazoned on the clock and rear centre

g hostbl ac kbadgetechnicalspecific at i o n 5457 mm 214.8 in 3295 mm 129.7 in 1948 mm 76.7 in dimensions vehicle length vehicle length usa and canada vehicle width vehicle height unladen wheelbase turning circle boot volume din performance† 5457 mm 214.8 in 5467 mm 215.2 in 1948 mm 76.7 in 1550 mm 61.0 in 3295 mm 129.7 in 13.4 m 44.0 ft 490 ltr 17.3 ft3 weight unladen weight din curb weight usa 2360 kg 5203 lb 2435 kg 5368 lb engine engine cylinders valves fuel type fuel management maximum torque engine speed power output engine speed v 12 48 10:1 premium unleaded direct injection 840 nm 620 lb ft 1650-5000 rpm 603 bhp 450 kw 612 ps 5250 rpm the engine is designed for octane grade 95 fuel however it may be run on fuel with a minimum octane grade of 91 † manufacturer’s test results actual acceleration results may vary depending on specifications of the vehicle road and environmental conditions testing procedures and driving styles these