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ph anto m an icon rebo r n the world needs icons.those exceptional few that stand clear of the rest for these individuals who inspire greatness only the purest expression of rolls-royce will do an icon like no other a motor car that stands alone – so superlative as to defy definition this is phantom one of

p h a nto mexte nd e d w he e lb a s e phantom extended wheelbase promises inner comfort and outer charisma with a whisper-quiet performance that makes this the perfect space to work entertain or relax in between engagements enjoy exceptional privacy as you step inside thanks to extra length in the coach doors stretch out in supreme comfort with an additional 25cm of legroom in the rear not only is this an interior of luxury proportions but one that offers infinite possibilities for bespoke personalisation it becomes a truly exclusive space in a motor car that will not go

true c r af t sm anshi p every rolls-royce receives the most painstaking attention to detail during its production at our state-of-the-art plant at goodwood it takes no less than 60 pairs of hands to take each motor car to a finish worthy of carrying our marque in our paint shop reaching perfection involves five coats of specialist paint plus a finishing lacquer on each panel followed by five hours of meticulous polishing up to a month will be spent shaping sanding lacquering and hand-polishing separate wooden interior parts which are then book-matched by eye for absolute symmetry we only source our leather from a-grade bull hide to ensure there are no stretch marks then before a motor car is deemed ready to leave goodwood it must pass the most stringent quality tests only when we are 100 satisfied will any rolls-royce be handed to its

uni que c r e at i ons pushing the boundaries of what is possible within the automotive world our bespoke motor cars draw inspiration from sources as diverse as nature an iconic city or even cult tv serenity phantom is one of these remarkable cars that are testament to the exceptional skills of our dedicated craftspeople embodying a new level of highly individualised design unmatched by any other luxury motor car in the world our craftspeople embroidered this unique silk interior with delicate crimson flowers and for a finishing touch smoked cherrywood veneers were adorned with mother of pearl marquetry creating the atmosphere of a tranquil garden of