2018 Rolls Royce Model Range by Rolls-Royce North America

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true c r af t sm anshi p every rolls-royce receives the most painstaking attention to detail during its production at our state-of-the-art plant at goodwood it takes no less than 60 pairs of hands to take each motor car to a finish worthy of carrying our marque in our paint shop reaching perfection involves five coats of specialist paint plus a finishing lacquer on each panel followed by five hours of meticulous polishing up to a month will be spent shaping sanding lacquering and hand-polishing separate wooden interior parts which are then book-matched by eye for absolute symmetry we only source our leather from a-grade bull hide to ensure there are no stretch marks then before a motor car is deemed ready to leave goodwood it must pass the most stringent quality tests only when we are 100 satisfied will any rolls-royce be handed to its owner.