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make a s tat e me n t whatever your journey or destination wraith adds a powerful dramatic presence and immaculate sense of style distinctively illustrated by a flawless external finish the mirror-like bodywork is the result of many layers of xirallic® paint partnered with the meticulous workmanship
of rolls-royce craftspeople two-tone paint options can accentuate the car’s bold lines allowing you to make your wraith as subtle or as striking as you desire further personalise with a range of exclusive 20 and 21 wheel designs painted polished and part-polished variations create options to harmonise seamlessly with the paintwork whatever the choice the self-righting wheel centres make sure the rolls-royce monogram stands proudly upright at all

r e f i ne d pl e a s ur es finely tuned by rolls-royce experts wraith’s eighteen-speaker bespoke audio system produces incredibly rich
and deep sounds external microphones enhance its clarity by automatically adjusting the settings to compensate for exterior noise whether you choose the ‘studio’ ‘theatre’ or ‘larger than live’ sensation high-precision dirac® technology eliminates loud and quiet spots within the car to produce the smoothest purest acoustics imaginable a comfort entry system puts convenience at your fingertips enabling you to lock and unlock your car simply by touching the door handle.the key even stores individual preferences such as seat adjustments steering wheel position and head up display settings you have unprecedented control inside the car too for instance the spirit of ecstasy rotary controller enables you to manage everything from your journey planner to your address book with just a swipe of your finger

the p ower to p e rfor m beyond the imposing exterior energy lies poised the uprated 6.6 litre v12 engine creates a feeling of endless power and potency married to an enhanced gearbox characteristic it delivers more torque and quicker shifts that bolster the straight-line performance the black badge powertrain has been crafted specifically to react intuitively to driver input the result is sharpened responses and with enhanced steering and suspension that deliver exceptional contact with the road this is a rolls-royce driving experience like no other for those who feel the unmistakable pull of adventure this is a motor car with the performance to dominate the

bes poke to you the rolls-royce bespoke programme allows you to create a unique car that articulates your individual sense of style our engineers and craftspeople will take care of everything from the smallest details to the biggest statements bringing your imagination to life commission personalised monogram embroidery to the headrests treadplates or passenger panel inlays express yourself in colour choosing from a vast palette for everything from the two-tone exterior right down to the interior stitching for a final flourish contrasting coachlines embellished with your monogram can be meticulously hand painted with a brush made from ox and squirrel hair more than simply a car this is your

b e spo kefe at ur es from adding hand embroidered motifs or insignias to the headrests to making an entrance with illuminated treadplates there are countless ways to further personalise a rolls-royce our customers have gone to new lengths in making their own wraith unique with one commission showing a virtuoso display of world leading