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off broadway 05366 lemon yellow 05372 sky blue a complete range of theatrical colours that allows anyone to paint drops and sets with true scenic paint no matter how limited the budget this versatile vinyl acrylic paint may be used on a variety of surfaces it is ready for use right out of the bucket or diluted to stretch your paint budget also available in white and white white 05365 chrome oxide green 05352 black 05367 golden yellow 05373 pthalo blue 05353 yellow ochre 05385 silver 05363 orange 05359 ultramarine blue 05355 raw sienna 05386 copper 05360 fire red 05368 purple 05356 burnt sienna 05384 gold 05361 deep red 05364 emerald green 05354 burnt umber 05383 bright gold 05369 magenta 05371 pthalo green 05357 raw umber 05387 antique gold please note these are printed colours and are intended as a guide only and does not reflect the true paint colour on any substrate or surface that you apply the paint to for true colour representation contact rosco for a sample kit.