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at rotel extraordinary sound at unexceptional cost is the natural order of things and it comes about because our engineers and designers practice the balanced design concept the concept strikes a balance between the costno-object engineering of high-end audio engineering and the simple “bean counting” approach that underpins the design of most mass-market electronics performance and cost in equilibrium the balanced design concept is second nature to our engineers because they are themselves music lovers who nurture their designs like doting parents it has just two simple laws 1 the best-sounding components are not necessarily the most costly 2 no single design element should be emphasised if it causes performance in any other part of the product to suffer we apply the rules to four key stages in the design process when we’re engineering the power supply and the circuit layout and when we’re evaluating the product and selecting

audio for a connected world if one word were used to describe the nature of the new audio landscape that word might be ‘connections’ connections to the outside world through the internet brings music into the home via downloads and streaming and connections between audio products within the home bring shared media and control potentially across multiple rooms so the 12 series products embrace connectivity to a degree like few products before for example both the ra-11 and ra-12 integrated amplifiers support audio streaming over bluetooth via a usb dongle both integrated amplifiers also along with the rcd-12 cd player can be connected via rotel link to the rt-12 internet radio/upnp™ player to ® ® create an integrated system controlled by the rotel iphone and ipad audio control app trigger inputs and outputs are also fitted to some 12 series products that enable their integration with custom installation multi-room audio

dab fm and internet radio rt-12 internet radio dab fm tuner upnp™ player radio always was magical but the internet and dab have raised the magic to new heights radio has exploded to become an audio window on almost the entire world whatever your audio interest dab and the internet can deliver it – in almost unlimited variety the rt-12 is an fm and dab preset radio tuner and much more besides by incorporating network capabilities the rt-12 can bring thousands of internet radio broadcasts into your life and it can play audio files stored on upnp™ servers such as windows computers if your computer is home to a library of music files and you have wondered about playing them over your hi-fi the rt-12 is your answer the rt-12 boasts digital to analogue conversion based on the wolfson wm8740 dac chip to ensure that each digital source retains every last drop of musical quality and it can serve as the wireless hub for the rotel iphone and ipad control app to control the

dab and dab+  the advantages of dab are well known data-rich broadcasts with consistent and robust audio quality dab available now in some territories and coming to many more builds on dab with better sound quality and even more robust reception the rt-11 and rt-12 can reproduce both dab and dab broadcasts rt-11 stereo dab fm tuner for many music enthusiasts there is still a place for a more traditional stereo tuner the rt-11 offers very high performance reproduction of both fm and dab broadcasts and provides a perfect solution for those who simply need a great sounding radio while the rt-11 is a traditional tuner that doesn’t mean it misses out on our 12 series commitment to extracting the best possible audio performance and the largest selection of music so the rt-11 benefits in exactly the same manner as its siblings from the careful selection of every critical component and from the full energy of our global product development

cd player the wealth of music available on cd still grows and the rcd-12 is the perfect player to exploit new discs as well as old favourites rcd-12 compact disc player even after three decades of the compact disc the rcd-12 demonstrates that there is still more performance to be found from cd players in common with its partners in the 12 series digital to analogue conversion is handled by the wolfson wm8740 dac chip the wm8740 is more usually found in cd players at the very top of high-end audio and if you are ever intrigued to know just how your favourite cds would sound on the world’s finest players the rcd-12 will get you to within a hair’s-breadth in common with other 12 series products the rcd-12 can be controlled through either its front panel buttons and display via its remote control handset or via rotel link to an rt-12 and the wireless rotel iphone and ipad

bluetooth over usb the ra-12 and ra-11 usb sockets are not just for ipod iphone and usb memory stick music connect the supplied bluetooth dongle and you can stream music directly to the amplifier from your iphone ipad or many other bluetooth streaming devices ra-11 integrated amplifier the ra-11 carries a similar set of features to the ra-12 but is slightly less powerful at 40 watts per channel and is constructed in a slimline enclosure just like the ra-12 every critical signal chain component is selected to ensure that music from the ra-11 is delivered with as much detail dynamics clarity and emotion as possible the ra-11 incorporates the same high-end wolfson wm8740 24 bit/192khz dac chip as the ra-12 and the same complement of five conventional analogue inputs four s/pdif digital inputs and an apple authorised usb input the ra-11 can be controlled through either its front panel buttons via a remote handset or an rt-12 and the rotel iphone and ipad

ra-10 integrated amplifier there is occasionally much to be said in favour of stripping back to the fundamentals and the ra-10 is definitely one of those occasions the ra-10 offers 40 watts per channel four analogue line level inputs a phono input and traditional integrated amplifier controls that will feel comfortable and intuitive to every user the ra-10 is no lightweight however it is a serious high performer that benefits from all our efforts dedicated towards optimising audio electronics for the reproduction of music the ra-10 brings a clarity and effortless dynamism to music that belies both its modest ambitions and modest

specifications rt-12 internet radio dab fm tuner rt-11 dab fm tuner rcd-12 cd player fm tuner usable sensitivity 50db quieting sensitivity signal to noise ratio at 65 dbf harmonic distortion at 65 dbf frequency response stereo separation 100/1khz/10khz output level antenna input 22.2dbf 27.2dbf mono 63dbf mono 60dbf stereo 0.2 mono 0.3 stereo 10hz-15khz ±3db 40db/45db/35db 1.0v 75v unbalanced fm tuner usable sensitivity 50db quieting sensitivity signal to noise ratio at 65 dbf harmonic distortion at 65 dbf frequency response stereo separation 100/1khz/10khz output level antenna input 22.2dbf 27.2dbf mono 63dbf mono 60dbf stereo 0.2 mono 0.3 stereo 10hz-15khz ±3db 40db/45db/35db 1.0v 75v unbalanced dab tuner sensitivity tuning range band iii audio data rate frequency response analogue output antenna input -80dbm 174-240mhz 320kbps max 20 20khz 1.0db 2.1v at 0dbfs 75v f connector dab tuner sensitivity tuning range band iii audio data rate frequency response analogue

ra-12 integrated amplifier continuous power output total harmonic distortion 20hz-20khz intermodulation distortion 60 hz:7 khz 4:1 frequency response input sensitivity impedance input overload preamp output impedance tone controls bass treble signal to noise ratio ihf “a” weighted digital section frequency response signal to noise ratio ihf “a” weighted input sensitivity/impedance pre-out/impedance decodable front usb/ipod digital signals coaxial/optical pcm file formats general power requirements ac power consumption standby power consumption 0.5w dimensions w xhxd panel height weight net finishes ra-11 integrated amplifier 60watts/ch 20-20khz 0.03 8v 0.03 at rated power 0.03 at rated power phono input 20hz-15khz ±0.3db line level inputs 10hz-100khz ±1db phono input 2.5mv 47 k v line level inputs 150mv 24 k v phono input 180mv line level inputs 5v 1v 470v ±4 db at 100hz 10khz phono input 80db line level inputs 100db 10hz-95khz ±3.0db

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