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7.1 home theater surround processor preamplifier the rsp-1572 is rotel’s latest 7.1 surround sound preamplifier its advanced design builds upon a progression of outstanding home theater processors that have received critical acclaim around the globe the rsp-1572 features important new technologies such as hdmi 1.4 with 3 d capability it offers six hdmi inputs and two hdmi outputs with one hdmi output having arc capability audio return channel the arc in hdmi 1.4 enables a tv via a single hdmi cable to send audio data “upstream” to an a/v receiver or surround audio controller increasing user flexibility and eliminating the need for any separate s/pdif audio connection a usb front input for ipod®/iphone®/ipad® or other mp3 player use is provided the usb input provides a digital connection so that the rsp-1572’s high quality 24/192 dacs provide the crucial decoding additionally the preamp/processor incorporates bluetooth operation via a wireless

blu-raydefinition.com february 2 2014 “the price of admission to this black beauty silver chassis is also available should not put off those home theater enthusiasts who want to take their listening experience to the next level heck this might be the last multichannel that you will ever need to buy and in my experience rotel products seem to last forever ” rmb-1585 the rmb-1585 rotel’s new flagship theater amplifier provides both the massive power and sonic sophistication required by the finest home theater systems with five channels capable of producing 200 continuous watts each into 8 ohm loads a full kilowatt of output power the rmb-1585 masters any a/v system regardless of speaker load or room size also available in black finish 12 12 • 5 x 200 watts channel • class ab high current design • rca and xlr inputs • 12 volt trigger • five way binding posts • detachable ac cord • 5u cabinet with included rack

2-channel power amplifiers rb-1572 16 this high power two-channel amplifier can be used with the rmb-1575 to expand your theater system into a 7.1 system or it can stand alone as a reference amplifier for a two-channel hi-fi system either way it has the same performance characteristics sound quality and custom installation options as the five-channel rmb-1575 • 2 x 250 watts channel high performance audio amplifier • 500 watts x 2 channels 4 ohms • class d energy efficient design • 12 volt trigger • five way binding posts • detachable ac cord • 2u 3.5” cabinet also available in black

8-channel custom installation amplifier rkb-8100 20 it’s no secret the typical long runs of speaker cable in custom installations present real challenges to amplifiers the best way to maximize the sound quality of custom speakers is to give them high quality power the rkb-8100 is rated at a full 8 x 100 watts per channel all channels driven at 8 ohms and is one of rotel’s most powerful custom installation amplifiers along with it’s virtual twin the rkb-d8100 yet in spite of this prodigious output capability the rkb-8100 maintains a compact design via a dual-fan cooled 2u chassis that makes it space efficient in the equipment rack the rkb-8100 is perfect for high performance multiroom audio systems that don’t require digital inputs available in black finish only • 8 x 100 watts channel 8 ohms • fan cooled • rack mount rack ears included • rca analog inputs • input source linking on channel a • 12 volt trigger signal

high performance music

integrated stereo amplifier with onboard dac ted magazine quebec canada june july 2013 ian parent “tv cd vinyl movies streaming i tried them all because i know you will would i be happy to keep the rotel ra-12 for my personal use the answer is yes!” “the ra-12 is quite an achievement very rarely have i heard a component so perfect and impressive” ra-12 music has changed today we can stream it download it play whatever we like whenever we like but all too often this convenience has come with a price sound quality that is until now our new ra-12 has all the connectivity you need to make the most of your digital music and the advanced audiophile technology to really bring it to life the ra-12 – uncompromising sound for a connected world also available in black

rc-1570 • cd tuner aux 1 aux 2 xlr input • two pairs of rca outputs • phono input for moving magnet • one pair of xlr outputs • wolfson 24bit 192khz dac • balance controls • digital inputs 2 x coax 2 x optical one front panel usb bluetooth dongle supplied and one pc-usb rear panel input for up to 24 bit 192khz • headphone jack • front usb file formats apple lossless mp3 aac aiff wav wma ogg vorbis m4a/aac • detachable ac cord • fixed gain volume option dac/amp configures a fixed volume level for a specified input level for aux 1 coax 1 optical 1 pc-usb or usb • rs-232 control • 2 x trigger for 12-volt control • 2u

cd player the absolute sound april 2014 alan taffel “modestly priced audio products may not be able to produce the ‘absolute sound,’ but the best of them can fully deliver the heart of the high end rotel’s 1570/1552 stack falls decisively into this category forming an incredibly affordable versatile system that conveys all the music you could want—and more—with very few trade offs rotel is back my friends and it is good.” those who haven’t heard rotel’s rcd-1570 might believe that there’s nothing new in cd players those who have heard it tell an entirely different story since 1982 when the cd was introduced rotel has been refining technology and evolving circuitry to bring you extraordinary sound the rcd-1570 the outstanding cd player in rotel‘s 15 series focuses careful refinements to reveal even the most subtle nuances buried in a cd’s pit spiral one of the rcd-1570’s most important features is

specifications model ra-1570 ra-12 model continuous power output 20hz – 20khz 0.03 8 ohms 120 watts/channel 60 watts/channel audio total harmonic distortion 20hz-20khz 0.03 at rated power 1/2 power or 1 watt 0.03 at rated power intermodulation distortion 60hz 7khz 4:1 0.03 at rated power 1/2 power or 1 watt 0.03 at rated power frequency response rdd-1580 total harmonic distortion <0.004 intermodulation distortion 60hz:7khz <0.004 frequency response 10hz 95khz ±3.0 db signal to noise ratio ihf a-weighted 128 db phono input 20hz-20khz ±0.5 db 20hz-15khz ±0.3 db line level inputs 10hz-100khz 1 –3 db 10hz-100khz ±1 db input sensitivity /impedance 0 dbfs /75 ohms 180 line output level impedance rca 2.0v 100 ohms line output level impedance xlr 4.0v 200 ohms front usb file formats apple lossless mp3 aac aiff wav wma ogg vorbis m4a/aac decodable coaxial optical digital signals spdif lpcm up to 24 bit 192khz pc-usb file decoding plays all file types

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