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airchip3000 t echnology electronics rotronic pioneered digital technology in humidity instruments with the hygroclip concept after ten succesful years the time was right for new and advanced electronics the result of our intensive research and development work is the airchip3000 found in the latest generation of our products giving them a degree of flexibility precision and functionality that was not previously possible this innovation in humidity and temperature measurement has much to offer · measures relative humidity temperature and calculates dew point · excellent reproducibility · conforms to fda 21 cfr part 11 and gamp4 audit trail · auto-diagnostics and digital multi-point adjustment · can be used as a simulator tool for system qualification · uart interface for digital data and two analog signals 0 1 v rotronic hygroclip2 probes can be connected to all new-generation instruments and interchanged without the need for further calibration or adjustment humidity sensors we

probes probes for special applications we have probes with optimised sensors and/or filters that offer improved resistance to pollutants and other harmful substances in various special applications they can be ordered with the order numbers given below and connected with a standard handheld data logger or transmitters for all special applications involving pollutants and other harmful substances to attain optimum accuracy probes should be calibrated at more regular intervals than usual and adjusted if necessary rotronic does not keep stock of special probes it is the customer s responsibility to keep spare probe for critical application scenarios hygromer hh sensor the hh sensors were specifically developed for use in sterilization processes involving hydrogen peroxide h2o2 h2o2 is very aggressive and will destroy every sensor sooner or later the hh sensors are manufactured using a specific formula so that they can resist h2o2 and other harmful substances or process chemicals for a

tr ansmit ters hygroflex5 series the hygroflex5 series offers you ultimate performance and flexibility thanks to its interchangeable hygroclip2 probes the transmitters come in wall and duct mount versions many useful functions can be accessed with optional hw4 software hf5-series is available with analog and digital outputs so compatibilty with almost any monitoring or control system is assured digital versions may be networked togther to form a dedicated environmental monitoring system using hw4 software the new generation device not only has a unique calibration and adjustment process but also allows probes to be interchanged in just a few seconds this easy interchangeability during operation reduces down-time and service costs to a huge extent the possibility of using every probe as a simulator with fixed output values is a big advantage for system validation in the case of networked devices this can even be carried out online from a remote pc workstation applications high

t r ansmit t ers hf7 wall/cable version applications industrial processes in harsh environments highlights and common features · measures relative humidity temperature and dew/frost point · application range -100 150 °c 0 100 %rh depending on model · automatic sensor test drift compensation · integral 2,000 measurement pair logging · use as a simulator for system validation wall version type w · uart service interface · fixed probe/cable probe · adjustment profile «standard» factory certificate · all metal construction · accuracy ±1 %rh ±0.2 k wall version type signals features filter carrier hf720-w series 2 or 2 x 2-wire 4 20 ma signals freely scalable without display slotted sleeve order filter separately hf73x-w series 3/4-wire signals freely selectable and scalable without display cable version type signals features filter carrier hf720-c series 2 or 2 x 2-wire 4 20 ma signals freely scalable without display slotted sleeve order filter separately hf73x-c

handheld de v ices hygropalm21 · fixed probe · application range 0 100 %rh -10 60 °c · saves up to 2,000 measurement pairs order code hp21 · measures humidity temperature and calculates dew/frost point · polyethylene filter other filters see page 99 · adjustment profile «standard» factory certificate · adjusted at 23 °c and 10 35 80 %rh · accuracy ±1 %rh ±0.2 k · very fast response time thanks to new hygromer m3-r sensor 63 <3 s hygropalm22 specifications as hp21 plus · interchangeable probes · instrument operating range 0 100 %rh -10 60 °c · saves up to 2,000 measurement pairs order code hp22 · measurement range 0 100%rh -100 200 °c probe-dependent · all psychrometric calculations available · adapter for pt100 temperature probes see page 75 · probe to be ordered separately hygropalm23 · 2 interchangeable probe inputs · 2 analogue inputs for 0 1 vdc or 04 20 ma · 9 v battery rechargeable option · all psychrometric calculations available · real-time

me t eorology actively ventilated shields applications snow guns weather stations agricultural meteorology building management systems highlights · simple-to-install protective shield with integrated fan · special white coating minimises solar heating ral 9010 · easy probe mounting · 12 vdc or 24 vdc supply for fan · compatible with various probe types order code range of application material supply fan aspiration rate longevity rs12t -30 60 °c aluminium pom ral 9010 12 vdc approx 2 w papst ventilator ip 54 3.5 m/s 900 l/min at 40 °c ~70,000 h at 70 °c ~35,000 h rs24t 24 vdc assembly sets for rs weather-protection shields order code mkrs-hc2 mkrs-mp102-402 to be used with hygroclip2 hc2-s3 mp102h mp402h probe connector e2 n/a connection clamp box clamps 2 cable screw connections clamps 2 cable screw connections mounting connections 54 mkrs-hc2 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12

wat er ac t i v it y hygropalm aw sets the hygropalm aw sets are the perfect solution for on-site measurements they are supplied in a tough lightweight abs carry case and include everything needed for measurement and calibration the difference between the two sets lies in the size of the sample holders and disposable sample containers applications water activity measurements in production areas checks of cheese meat tobacco building materials pet food bakery products paper medicines horticulture agriculture etc highlights · measures humidity and temperature aw or %rh and °c/°f · calculates absolute humidity · software-aided probe calibration adjustment one-point multi-point · range of application 0 1 aw 0 100 %rh -10 60 °c · uart interface · battery power monitor · trend indicators aw1-set-14 · contains the sample holder wp-14-s/ps-14 order code hp23-aw-set-14 · for product samples such as tablets powders seeds powdered spices tea etc aw1-set-40 · contains the sample

t emper at ure me a surement pt100 probes all probes pt100 class a with 4-wire connection except ac1913 class b connection 4-pin binder connector plug series 712 90 time to adjustment of 90 of a temperature jump specified for air water specifications order code ac1900 rod probe 100 x 3 mm din 1.4401 -70 500 °c 90 8 6 s ac1901 rod probe 250 x 3 mm din 1.4401 -70 500 °c 90 8 6 s ac1902 insertion probe with handle din 1.4401 -70 500 °c 90 8 6 s ac1903 cable probe 200 x 6 mm not waterproof din 1.4401 -70 500 °c 90 170 15 s ac1904 cable probe 50 x 6 mm waterproof din 1.4401 -50 500 °c 90 185 20 s ac1905 surface probe 40 x 10 x 5 mm din 1.4301 -70 500 °c 90 approx 90 s no standard ac1907 surface probe with handle offset din 1.4401 -70 500 °c 90 approx 90 s no standard do not calibrate in oil ac1908 handheld probe for measurements in air 250 x 4 mm -50 120 °c 90 20 s ac1909 rod probe for measurements in air 100 x 4 mm din 1.4401 -50 120 °c 90 20 s ac1910 30 mm screw-in

sof t ware hw4 functions viewing of measured values/monitoring viewing of measured values is very easy and user-friendly files of any device shown in the device tree can be copied and opened directly with the hw4 explorer the data is presented as required in either table or graph form both the table and the graph are shown for online monitoring the graph module can be configured by the user file formats/handling of data/export functions the file formats can be defined by the user the formats .xls and .log are available for log files the .log format saves the data in a binary format that can only be read by hw4 while the .xls format can be opened with an editor or excel the data can also be exported in other formats archiving of data the data can be written automatically into different files for example the user can configure the system to create a new file every hour day week month or after 200,000 measurements analysis and calculation tool/psychrometric calculations all rotronic

c alibr at ion humidity standards and certificates factory adjustment certificate all rotronic probes are delivered with a factory adjustment certificate in addition to the probe type and serial number the certificates show the ambient temperature adjustment points inspection equipment used and the date of calibration a factory adjustment certificate normally suffices for companies outside the pharmaceutical chemical and food industries scs certificate scs swiss calibration service scs certificates are required primarily by companies in the pharmaceutical chemical and food industries as an accredited calibration laboratory for relative humidity and temperature we are able to perform scs calibrations with the best possible measurement uncertainty rotronic is accredited by metas metrology and accreditation switzerland with the number scs 065

rot ronic worldwide rotronic is represented in more than 40 countries around the world an up-to-date list of all our partners is available at rotronic international rotronic partners switzerl and rotronic ag grindelstrasse 6 ch-8303 bassersdorf phone +41 44 838 11 44 fax +41 44 837 00 73 germany rotronic messgeräte gmbh einsteinstrasse 17 ­ 23 d-76275 ettlingen phone +49 7243 383 250 fax +49 7243 383 260 usa rotronic instrument corp 160 east main street huntington n.y 11743 phone +1 631 427 38 98 fax +1 631 427 39 02 fr ance rotronic sarl 56 bld de courcerin f-77183 croissy-beaubourg phone +33 1 60 95 07 10 fax +33 1 60 17 12 56 china rotronic shanghai rep office 2b zao fong universe building no 1800 zhong shan west road shanghai 200233 china phone +86 21 644 03 55 fax +86 21 644 03 77 uk rotronic instruments uk ltd crompton fields crompton way