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m cm in ft and in stainless steel tubing high pressure portable 12 volt battery packs stainless steel tube high pressure ball and socket joint pressure gauge for gas pressure ball and socket joint in joint ball and socket joint in steel volumetric karl fischer titration automotive bearing bearing air pressure regulator with gauge heavy duty ball bearing low water cut off ball valve type with stainless steel ball adapters for 0 2 ml and 0 5 ml tubes high pressure test equipment for oil and gas valves ball valves for oil and gas crude oil samples straight mineral oil white mineral oil api standards for petroleum oil pressure relief valve oil level indicator tube oil pump drive gear temperature for tapered roller bearing taper roller bearing cup and cone oil color test set high pressure high temperature electric oil pump low oil level sensor oil level indicator oil high pressure valves pressure gauge for gas pressure ratings for stainless steel tubing diesel engines oil level stainless steel gas tanks ball and socket stainless steel tube for table inlet and outlet fittings high pressure oil line rack and pinion standards high load bearing and high speed chains and sprockets chain and sprocket chain and sprockets parts and function of a storage battery 4 row taper roller bearing 2 row taper roller bearing single row tapered roller bearing 2 row taper roller bearing units oil and gas flanges orifice orifice karl fischer titraters karl fischer titration methyl ethyl ketone quick disconnect coupling

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0-koehlercat2012introashley4_layout 1 10/24/12 11:53 am page 2 after your instrument is delivered to your laboratory – our staff will contact you to answer any questions that you may have and to make certain that you have everything you need koehler technical service specialists are always just a phone call away to provide you with information and assistance for your testing needs certified documentation – koehler provides traceable documentation to support your iso based quality management system this includes traceable certificates for viscometer tubes thermometers hydrometers thermo-hydrometers and more training seminars – we match our world class equipment with world class training both our annual and customized training seminars for any combination of koehler instruments and test method standards enable your staff to make the most of your equipment investment we actively train laboratory personnel and our worldwide distributors at our facilities to ensure the

0-12-22_1b_visc_layout 1 10/24/12 10:54 am page 22 additional accessories additional equipment materials and/or reagents are required to perform some of the test procedures in the preceding pages please refer to the applicable test method for further information or contact koehler for assistance kinematic viscosity pages 2-13 astm d445 d2170 d6074 d6158 ip 71 319 iso 3104 din 51550 ftm 791-305 petroleum ether chromic acid petroleum spirit toluene plumb line or spirit level petroleum naphtha xylene acetone distilled water saybolt viscosity pages 16-17 astm d88 d244 e102 aashto t72 ftm 791-304 balance no 50 300-µm sieve condenser – water cooled reflex glass-tube xylol no 20 850-µm sieve filter funnel hot plate e102

0-41-53_4a_gteaa_layout 1 11/5/12 11:24 am page 45 astm color of petroleum products test method the astm color of petroleum products applies to products having an astm color of 0.5 or darker including lubricating oils heating oils and diesel fuel oils for products having an astm color lighter than 0.5 use the saybolt chromometer to determine astm color the sample is compared against standard color discs in the petroleum colorimeter petroleum colorimeter • conforms to astm d1500 specifications single scale 3-field petroleum comparator designed for visual color grading by direct comparison between the sample and colored glass filters housed in test discs conforming to the chromaticity coordinates of astm d1500 the sample and two consecutive glasses on the color scale are viewed simultaneously making it easier to achieve the optimum color match for rapid color grading within predetermined color limits the glass standards can be set to the two limiting colors so that it is easy to

0-66-78_4c_gte_layout 1 10/24/12 11:06 am page 68 freezing point of aqueous engine coolant solution test method determines the freezing point of aqueous engine coolant solutions by cooling a sample with continuous agitation until a plateau is observed in a time-temperature curve freezing point apparatus • conforms to astm d1177 specifications determines freezing points of aqueous engine coolants includes 200ml freezing tube with drilled cork outer flask motorized stirrer clamps and stand similar to k29700 freezing point apparatus electrical requirements 115v 60hz 220-240v 50hz 220-240v 60hz ordering information catalog no k29750 k29758 k29759 250-000-75f 250-000-76f order qty freezing point apparatus 115v 60hz 1 freezing point apparatus 220-240v 50hz freezing point apparatus 220-240v 60hz astm 75f thermometer range –35 to +35°f 1 astm 76f thermometer range –65 to +5°f for nist traceable certified thermometers please refer to the astm thermometer section on

0-79-95_5a_fuel_layout 1 10/24/12 11:10 am page 91 copper corrosion from petroleum products copper strip corrosion test bomb test apparatus for aviation fuels and natural gasoline • for aviation fuels and natural gasoline catalog no k25310 k25319 k25200 k25080 332-004-004 332-004-002 k25100 380-220-001 380-150-003 k25000 250-000-12f 250-000-12c precision machined stainless steel bomb inserts in copper corrosion bath for testing aviation fuels and natural gasoline withstands test pressure of 100psi 689kpa per specifications threaded cap with o-ring gasket and knurled circumference tightens by hand to a positive seal a 1⁄8 groove in the bomb threads permits safe gradual release of pressure when opening the bomb specifications conforms to the specifications of astm d130 d6074 d6158 ip 154 iso 2160 din 51759 ftm 791-5325 nf m 07-015 net weight 1 lb 45kg order qty bath for copper strip corrosion test bombs 115v 1 bath for copper strip corrosion test bombs 220-240v copper

0-107-123_6a_loils_layout 1 10/24/12 11:18 am page 114 oxidation stability – rpvot tfout oxidation stability of steam turbine oils by rotating pressure vessel bomb oxidation stability of inhibited mineral insulating oil by rotating pressure vessel bomb oxidation stability of gasoline automotive engine oils by thin film oxidation uptake tfout test method the rpvot rbot procedure employs severe oxidation conditions to rapidly determine oxidation stability suitable for both new and in-service oils the rpvot rbot method is applicable to many types of petroleum oils the sample is oxidized in the presence of water and a copper catalyst in a stainless steel pressure vessel under an initial pressure of 90psi 620kpa pressure inside the vessel is recorded electronically or mechanically while the vessel is rotated at 100rpm at constant temperature and the amount of time required for a specified drop in pressure is the oxidation stability of the sample a variation of the rpvot rbot

0-124-138_6b_loils_layout 1 10/24/12 11:30 am page 138 additional accessories oxidation stability of mineral insulating oil page 126 ip307 filtering crucibles burette alkali blue indicator heptane potassium hydroxide chloroform sulfuric acid isopropanol forceps filtration apparatus porcelain crucibles oxygen phenolphthalein hydrochloric acid toluene ethanol acetone membrane filters petri dishes oven oxidation stability of inhibited mineral insulating oils page 126 ip 335 porcelain crucibles oxygen phenolphthalein solution hydrochloric acid toluene ethanol forceps filtration apparatus sulfuric acid isopropanol burette alkali blue indicator n-heptane potassium hydroxide chloroform membrane filters 5.0 µm petri dishes oven acetone astm 5704 stp12a l-60-1 performance test formerly crc l-60 test ftm 791b method 2504 pentane toluene air supply tweezers organic cleaning solvent corrosiveness and oxidation stability of hydraulic oils aircraft turbine engine lubricants and other highly

0-148-168_8_lubegreases_layout 1 10/24/12 11:35 am page 161 life performance and accelerated leakage tendencies life performance of automotive wheel bearing grease leakage tendencies of automotive wheel bearing grease under accelerated conditions test method evaluates the high temperature stability of automotive wheel bearing greases in a modified automotive front wheel hub-spindle-bearings assembly the astm d3527 life performance test employs severe conditions–25 lbf 111n thrust load 1000rpm 160°c spindle temperature –to induce grease deterioration and failure the test continues in a 20/4 hour on/off cycle until grease breakdown causes measured drive motor torque to increase past an established end point the number of hours to failure is the test result the astm d4290 accelerated leakage tendencies procedure employs similar test conditions for a 20 hour period after which leakage of grease and oil is measured and the bearings are washed and examined for deposits of

0-183-197_11_thermom_layout 1 10/24/12 11:40 am page 184 astm thermometers koehler is pleased to offer our customers calibrated thermometers in addition to the wide range of astm thermometers available thermometers are calibrated to astm e-1 requirements in accordance with method e-77 and are nist traceable calibrated thermometers come with an iso/iec 17025 and ansi/ncsl z-540-1 report of calibration when ordering please indicate by catalog number the thermometers which meet your testing requirements catalog number 250-000-01c 250-004-01c 250-000-01f 250-004-01f 250-000-02c 250-004-02c 250-000-02f 250-004-02f 250-000-03c 250-004-03c 250-000-03f 250-004-03f 250-000-04c 250-004-04c 250-000-04f 250-004-04f 250-000-05c 250-004-05c 250-000-05f 250-004-05f 250-000-06c 250-004-06c 250-000-06f 250-004-06f 250-000-07c 250-004-07c 250-000-07f 250-004-07f 250-000-08c 250-004-08c 250-000-08f 250-004-08f 250-000-09c 250-004-09c 250-000-09f 250-004-09f 250-000-10c 250-004-10c 250-000-10f

0-198-209_12a_spareparts_layout 1 11/1/12 2:21 pm page 207 spare parts continued k43025 diffuser stone tester page 110 332-003-011 flask 500ml k43025-0-5 stopper 338-000-001 clamp holder 2 337-000-008 clamp extension 2 332-002-016 graduated cylinder 250ml k43041 sequence iv foaming characteristics apparatus 115v page 109 k43012 cylinder and holder assembly 2 k43002-0-9 heater outer 750w 1 k43002-0-11 heater inner 750w 1 265-400-002 rtd temperature probe 1 k430-0-8 rubber stopper 2 275-103-023 temperature controller 100-240v k23700-03013a motor 115v 60hz 091-240-002 relay solid state 90-240v 25a 090-120-010 relay 120v 278-001-002 fuse 1a k43049 sequence iv foaming characteristics apparatus 220-240v page 109 k43012 cylinder and holder assembly 2 k43092-0-9 heater outer 750w 1 k43092-0-11 heater inner 750w 1 k430-0-8 rubber stopper 2 275-103-023 temperature controller 100-240v 265-400-002 rtd temperature probe k23700-03014a motor 230v 50/60hz 090-240-012 relay 240v 091-240-004 relay

0-koehlercat2012covers9_layout 1 12/10/12 12:21 pm page 1 petroleum testing equipment 1595 sycamore avenue bohemia new york 11716-1796 1-800-878-9070 in u.s only tel +1 631 589 3800 fax +1 631 589 3815 www.koehlerinstrument.com email sales@koehlerinstrument.com offices in bohemia new york • houston texas petroleum testing equipment www.koehlerinstrument.com bohemia new york • houston texas © 2013-2014 koehler instrument company