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biochemical oxygendemandbod what is bod bod control tests water quality analysis calls for systematic research using instruments of guaranteed accuracy and precision bod biochemical oxygen demand is a chemical procedure for determining the amount of dissolved oxygen consumed by aerobic biological microorganisms in water the analysis is carried out on a given water sample at certain temperature over a specific period the results are most commonly expressed in milligrams of oxygen consumed per liter of sample at a constant temperature of 20 °c over a 5 day incubation period bod5 or during complete oxidation obtained after a maximum period of 30 days bodultimate bod determination is widely used as an indication of the organic quality of water and the degree of organic pollution of water velp offers two accessories to test the accuracy of bod instruments bod sensor check code no a00000135 performs a quick test to check if the bod sensor is operating properly control test tablets

bod evo sensor system 6 the bod evo sensor is the unique and revolutionary wireless sensor able to transfer data to the dedicated software bodsoftâ„¢ mercury-free and intuitive bod evo sensor ensures an outstanding reliability as there is no need to open the door of the incubator thus eliminating the risk of internal temperature variations bod evo sensor has an extremely compact profile and is easy to handle the sensor measures the bod value directly in mg/l with no need of further calculation and the results are immediately sent to the pc real time monitoring on the sensor display is still possible manufactured using the most modern and advanced construction techniques the bod evo sensor fits directly on the bottle containing the sample instrument s10220156 bod evo sensor system 6 230 v 60 hz s10230156 bod evo sensor system 6 115 v 60 hz s10240156 bod evo sensor system 6 230 v 50 hz s10220146 bod evo sensor system 6 230 v 60 hz s10230146 bod evo sensor system 6 115 v 60 hz

bod wireless databoxtm bodsofttm the exclusive wireless data transmission from the bod evo sensor to the bod wireless databoxâ„¢ can be set at selected intervals ranging from 30 minutes to 24 hours in the case of bod5 5-day test for longer analyses the sampling time period range goes from 2 to 24 hours the bod evo sensor automatically stores the most recent values data transmission is ensured even when the bod wireless databoxâ„¢ is not connected to the pc the bod wireless databoxâ„¢ can store unlimited results for up to 80 samples the bodsoftâ„¢ is extremely intuitive and easy to use right from the start 1 before and during the analysis all the most important info is clearly displayed during analysis including the status of the sensor battery an unlimited database shows all the completed and active analyses with a real time graph 2 after the analysis at the end of the analysis customized test reports can be created along with results comparison results are stored

incubators for those applications where the monitoring of the sample is extremely important velp has developed a line of incubators that offer the possibility of visually examining the contents without interfering with the thermal cycle in progress tempsofttm with the innovative velp tempsoftâ„¢ the user can constantly control and manage the temperature of the incubator through the wireless interface many aspects can be monitored related to the temperature control the set point and setting minimum and maximum temperature alarm thresholds instantly view the trend of the internal temperature on a graph automatically record the temperature trend on a spreadsheet set working ramps with different temperatures and times view and record any alarms store test data in conformity with glp data are sent to the wireless databoxâ„¢ and stored by the software tempsoftâ„¢ can be used with the foc series cfcfree glpgoodlaboratorypractice thanks to the auto-tuning thermoregulation

foc 120e foc 215e foc 120i and foc 215i the foc series are equipped with the innovative auto-tuning thermoregulation system for an excellent stability homogeneity and uniformity of the internal temperature temperature can be set from 3 to 50 °c and monitored through the 3-digit display in addition to these features foc 120i and foc 215i offer a transparent internal door for visual examination of the contents the two internal sockets are controlled by an external switch and can be used for the electrical connection of instruments that need to be incubate including bod system instrument power supply code no foc 120e 230 v 50-60 hz f10300310 foc 215e 230 v 50-60 hz f10300330 foc 120i 230 v 50-60 hz f10400320 foc 215i 230 v 50-60 hz f10400340 the maximum capacity of foc 120e is up to three bod sensor system 6 or two bod sensor system 10 simultaneously whilst for foc 215e is up to five bod sensor system 6 or three bod sensor system 10 simultaneously due to the internal transparent

foc 215il illuminated incubator nitrogen determination the foc 215il is a multi-function incubator applicable to culture of plant growth seed germination cultivation breeding of plants insects and small animals bacteria culturing and fermentation studies among many other experiments which require constant temperature and lighting light exposure is made by six lines horizontally mounted on the lower part of each shelf which illuminate the shelf below a dedicated timer for the internal lighting enables unattended operation and let you create several operating cycles with automatic switch off and on auto-tuning thermoregulation system ensures the most reproducible test conditions the chamber air is gently and continuously circulated at a rate that ensures temperature uniformity of all test samples the internal transparent door facilitate real-time observation of the incubated samples the cooling system in class a ensures top performance with minimum power consumption instrument power

flocculators flocculators velp scientifica has developed a complete line of instruments to support the lab technician working in the environmental sector and for the separation of pollutants in waste-water treatment plants in particular jar test the choice and dosage of the chemical coagulant to be adopted for removing suspended solids from waste-water are established based on an evaluation of the results obtained from the jar test multiple stirrers with reproducible stirring speeds ensure repeatable and reliable results jlt 4 and jlt 6 the jlt 4 and jlt 6 are multiple stirrers with reproducible stirring speeds allowing standard conditions to be met during analysis a basic requirement in order to obtain reliable and repeatable results the highly versatile stainless steel stirring shafts offer height adjustment and are fitted with a self-locking device with clutch the sample can be backlit for easier reading the instrument has an ergonomic design and the control panel is sloped to

fc4s and fc6s the fc4s and fc6s are highly resistant to chemical and mechanical aggression and corrosion the highly versatile stainless steel stirring shafts offer height adjustment and are fitted with a self-locking device with clutch the sample can be backlit for easier reading motion is transmitted by four in the case of the fc4s or six in the case of the fc6s direct current gear motors in order to ensure optimum performance and reproducibility even at low speeds with 9 different speed settings for each position the instrument is totally flexible the stirring speed can be set using the selectors on the front panel 10-15-30-45-60-90-120-150-200 rpm on demand version can reach 300 rpm instrument power supply code no fc4s 100÷240 v 50-60 hz f105a0111 fc6s 100÷240 v 50-60 hz f105a0112 uk au and usa adapter plugs are available on request general features and performance i number of positions independent positions speed settings rpm time settings light dimensions wxhxd mm in

overhead mixer trace metals determination rotax 6.8 tmd 6 the rotax 6.8 is purpose-designed and developed to evaluate the solubility in water of pollutants present in sludge sediments and solid waste the rotax 6.8 is suitable for waste treatment plants wastewater treatment plants and laboratories involved in environmental analyses the environmental risk represented by trace metals is due to their toxicity but also to the possible bioconcentration that can reach human beings through the food chain monitoring the presence of trace metals in sludge from water treatment plants requires a host of analytical procedures starting from the solubilization of metallic compounds an easy to use instrument with a digital display and speed settings ranging from 0 to 30 rpm precise and extremely safe the rotax 6.8 offers excellent performance instrument power supply code no rotax 6.8 230 v 50-60 hz f10600118 rotax 6.8 115 v 50-60 hz f10610118 the tmd 6 is designed for the hot digestion of sludge

turbidimeter radiation detector tb1 radiation detector turbidity is one of the most commonly used parameters for determining the quality of water the turbidity value is an important factor in various fields of application such as drinking water disinfection processes industrial processes and water treatment plants velp scientifica has developed a portable and impermeable solution the radiation detector is standard industrial model of a geiger-müller tube with a thin mica output window it is factory-calibrated using a pulse generator and is the standard ±15 of the full scale relative to cesium-137 it offers reliable results in milliroentgens/hour and events/minute cpm in three different periods the unit is protected by an anti-saturation circuit up to a value equivalent to 100 times the maximum reading in the greatest interval the radiation detected is indicated by the graduated scale a blinking led and an acoustic signal the portable turbidimeter tb1 measures the turbidity of

solutions food&feed line nitrogen/protein determination dumas/combustion method kjeldahl method velp scientifica srl via stazione 16 20865 usmate mb italy tel +39 039 628811 fax +39 039 6288120 shelf life investigation fat extraction your authorized agent rev.0 01 2014 we reserve the right to make technical alterations we do not assume liability for errors in printing typing or transmission stirring line magnetic stirrers heating magnetic stirrers aluminum top ceramic top solutions other lab equipment pumps recirculating water vacuum pump peristaltic pump open circulating bath thermoregulator raw fiber extraction heating plates aluminum top ceramic top dietary fiber extraction overhead stirrers vortex mixers/shakers homogenizer food&feed line constant commitment to knowledge development solutions stirring line other lab