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Unit 1, 12 Essex Street
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Unit 1, 30 Argon Street
Sumner Park QLD 4074
Ph: (07) 3376 9411
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South Australia & Northern Territory
Lot 7, 41-47 OSullivan Beach Road
Lonsdale SA 5160
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Victoria & Tasmania
Unit 2, 42 Green Street
Doveton VIC 3177
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Western Australia
11 Challenge Boulevard
Wangara WA 6065
Ph: (08) 9302 1911
Fx: (08) 9302 1905

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Industrial Supply > Laboratory Equipment

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chemicals e code description pack size cp1015 ph electrode storage solution colourless 250ml cf1040 electrode cleaning solution 460ml ce1665 ethanol 95 ar needs licence 2.5l ce1616 ethanol absolute needs licence 2.5l ce0007 ethanol standard 10 ± 1 with certificate 500ml ce0008 ethanol standard 12 ± 1 with certificate 500ml ce0009 ethanol standard 15 ± 1 with certificate 500ml ce2104 extran ma 05 phosphate free 5l f code description pack size cf0957 fehling’s solution no.1 acr 2.5l cf1957 fehlings a solution 2.5l cf0958 fehling’s solution no.2 acr 2.5l cf1958 fehlings b solution 2.5l cf1995 fructose d ar 500g code description pack size cg1556 glucose d anhydrous ar 500g cg0043 grease high vacuum lr grade 50g g h 2 code description pack size ch1104 hydrochloric acid 0.0100 ± 0.0001m ar with certificate 2.5l ch1115 hydrochloric acid 0.100 ± 0.005m ar standard solution 2.5l ch1575 hydrochloric acid 1.00 ± 0.01m ar standard solution 5l ch1569 hydrochloric

equipment balances mettler toledo® code description ib0076 balance analytical me204 newclassic 220g x 0.1mg with internal calibration ib1618 balance analytical ml204 newclassic 220g x 0.1mg with internal calibration ib0145 balance precision ml1602t newclassic 1620g x 0.01g with fact ib0146 balance precision ml3001t newclassic 3200g x 0.1g with internal calibration and touch screen balances ohaus® code description ib7706 balance ohaus® 600g x 0.01g scout pro series ib7740 balance ohaus® 600g x 0.1g scout pro series ib7756 balance ohaus® 6kg x 1.0g valor 3000 xtreme compact scale ib7766 balance ohaus® 6000g x 0.1g scout pro ib2112 balance ohaus® 2100g x 0.01g pioneer series with internal calibration centrifuges accessories 6 code description qty ic0026 centrifuge s-8 max 6000rpm angle rotor for 8x15ml tubes 208-240v 50/60hz ea ic3774 centrifuge c-28a max 6,000rpm without cooling without rotor 208-240v 50/60hz ea ir1003 rotor 8 place swing out for 50ml falcon

equipment hach® turbidimeters code description qty it0170 hach® turbidimeter tl2300 0-4000 ntu ea it2120 hach® turbidimeter portable 2100q including stablcal calibration standard sample cells and carry case us epa compliant ea hach® sample cells standards accessories code description qty kh1044 hach® sample cells for 2100p and 2100q turbidimeters 6 kh1043 hach® cells for 2100n ratio turbidimeter 6 kh1230 hach® turbidity standard stablcal <0.1 20 200 1000 4000ntu ampoules for 2100n kit kh1474 hach® stablcal formazin primary standards calibration kit ntu range 0.1 20 100 800 2100p set kh2455 hach® turbidity standard set stablcal sealed vials for 2100q set kh1058 hach® lamp assembly for 2100n 2100an turbidimeter ea kh1907 hach® lamp assembly for 2100p 2100q turbidimeters ea kh1402 hach® silicone oil odourless colourless in dropping bottle 15ml hach® meters sensors accessories 10 code description im6700 meter multi-parameter digital dual input

equipment hanna® titrators code description qty it0005 titrator total acidity mini for wine analysis cs0035 standard calibration total titratable acidity for ph/ta titrator 120ml ct0025 titrant total titratable acidity for ph/ta titrator 230ml it0004 titrator sulfur dioxide mini for wine analysis ea cs0039 stabiliser for so2 titrator 100 ea cs0036 standard calibration sulfur dioxide for so2 titrator 120ml cs0038 sulfur dioxide alkaline reagent for so2 titrator 120ml cr0002 reagent sulfur dioxide acid for so2 titrator 230ml ct0026 titrant sulfur dioxide high range for so2 titrator 230ml ct0027 titrant sulfur dioxide low range for so2 titrator 230ml designed for testing free or total sulfur dioxide so2 levels in wine based on the ripper method the it0004 mini titrator uses an optimized pre-programmed method of analysis with a powerful algorithm that determines the completion of the titration reaction by the use of a specialized orp electrode the hi84500 incorporates a precision

glassware bottles laboratory pack size code description gb7910 bottle laboratory with blue screw cap 100ml borosilicate glass 10 gb7955 bottle laboratory with blue screw cap 250ml borosilicate glass 10 gb8005 bottle laboratory with blue screw cap 500ml borosilicate glass 10 gb8055 bottle laboratory with blue screw cap 1l borosilicate glass ea gb8105 bottle laboratory with blue screw cap 2l borosilicate glass ea bottles medicinal and replacement caps code description pack size gb8315 bottle medicinal 100ml clear glass with 24mm white poly cap 128 gb8321 bottle medicinal 200ml clear glass with 24mm white poly cap 80 pc1299 cap 24mm white polypropylene ea carbodoseur co2­ measurement code description qty gc2699 carbodoseur modified 100ml measuring cylinder with 24/29 socket and gl14 opening and 7mm od glass tube ea cylinder measuring – glass bases code description qty gc1107 cylinder measuring ‘a’ class tall form spouted 50ml glass with hexagonal base ea gc1166

glassware rankine® so2 accessories code description qty gq3076 flask flat bottom 100ml 24/29 short neck approx 105mm high ea gq3080 flask round bottom 100ml 24/29 medium neck approx 150mm high ea gq3078 flask round bottom 100ml 24/29 short neck approx 110mm high ea gq2155 clamp joint 24/29 ptfe ea hc4220 clip keck metal/nickel 24/29 ea 3 gq1450 adaptor swan neck 24/29 cone 24/29 socket with screw thread joint size 14 6mm id ea 4 pc1217 cap screw with silicone seals for swan neck adaptor ea 5 gq3822 ea 6 gas bubbler to suit swan neck adaptor 270mm long pc3285 connector keck clip green 24/29 ea gc0030 condenser inland revenue 200mm 24/29 socket as shown ea gq1885 condenser inland revenue 200mm 24/29 socket cgc ea gq1374 splash head so2 one piece 24/29 s13 joints ea gq2205 clip to fit s13 spherical joint ea gq3812 tube jointed bubbler for rankine 14/23 cone s13 cup approx 150mm high ea pc3265 connector keck clip yellow polypropylene 14/23 ea 12 gq3558 flask 50ml pear shaped 2 neck

hardware tubing code description qty pt3450 tubing rubber 8mm id x 2.5mm wall 13mm od per/m pt3578 tubing silicone 6mm id x 1.5mm wall 9mm od 10m pt3588 tubing silicone 8mm id x 2mm wall 12mm od 10m pt2660 tubing vinyl clear 3mm id x 1mm wall 5mm od per/m pt2750 tubing vinyl clear 5mm id x 1.5mm wall 8mm od per/m pt2850 tubing vinyl clear 8mm id x 1.5mm wall 11mm od per/m vial caps 24 code description qty gv1045 vial sample glass screw cap 25mm x 95mm without cap 144 pc1223 cap black phenolic ptfe insert 22-400 thread for gv1045 144 rowe scientific laboratory products

liquid handling rainin™ standard shaft pipettors tips code description qty ip0019 pipettor rainin™ 10-100µl pipet-lite xls sl-100xls ea ip0023 pipettor rainin™ 20-200µl pipet-lite xls sl-200xls ea dt4904 tips to suit standard shaft rainin™ 200µl pipettors ip0018 pipettor rainin™ 100-1000µl pipet-lite xls sl-1000xls dl4914 tip pipette rainin™ universal 100-1000µl rc-100 dp4906 pipettor 500-5000µl pipet-lite universal fit dl4938 tip pipette rainin™ universal 500-5000µl rc-5000 dp4928 pipettor rainin™ 1-10ml pipet-lite sl-10ml xls ea dt4935 tip pipette rainin™ universal 1-10ml rc-10ml 200 1,000 ea 1,000 ea 1,000 pasteur pipettes code description qty gp2520 pipette pasteur 145mm long glass 1,000 gp2525 pipette pasteur 150mm long glass citotest® 1,000 gp2660 pipette pasteur 230mm long glass 1,000 gp2680 pipette pasteur 230mm long glass citotest® 1,000 pp1914 pipette pasteur graduated to 1ml 5ml capacity 500

plasticware liquid handling racks test tubes code description unit pr0002 rack test tube white 16mm 5 x 12 array polypropylene ea pr0003 rack test tube blue 16mm 5 x 12 array polypropylene ea pr0004 rack test tube red 16mm 5 x 12 array polypropylene ea pr0005 rack test tube yellow 16mm 5 x 12 array polypropylene ea pr0014 rack test tube blue 30mm 3 x 8 array nylon ea pr0013 rack test tube white 30mm 3 x 8 array nylon ea pr0015 rack test tube red 30mm 3 x 8 array nylon ea pr0016 rack test tube yellow 30mm 3 x 8 array nylon ea pt2056 rack test tube 24 place 30mm blue polypropylene ea pt2057 rack test tube 24 place 30mm red polypropylene ea pt2055 rack test tube 24 place 30mm white polypropylene ea pt2058 rack test tube 24 place 30mm yellow polypropylene ea pt1960 rack test tube 60 place 16mm blue polypropylene ea pt1950 rack test tube 60 place 16mm red polypropylene ea pt1955 rack test tube 60 place 16mm white polypropylene ea pt1952 rack test tube 60 place 16mm yellow polypropylene ea

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