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eyewear time line 6

1991 1991 1994 1995 in 1989 rudy project launched a mountain bike equipped with a marzocchi full shock-absorber system this bike was taken to the top in the first mtb world championship by the rudy project team nel 1989 rudy project lanciò una mountain bike equipaggiata con sistema di full shock-absorber marzocchi questa bici fu portata ai vertici nel primo campionato mondiale di mtb dalla squadra rudy project en 1989 rudy project a lancé un vtt équipé d un système de full shockabsorber marzocchi ce vélo a atteint des sommets lors du premier championnat du monde de vtt avec l équipe rudy project 1989 brachte rudy project ein mountain bike auf den markt das mit einem fullshock-absorber-system von marzocchi ausgestattet war dieses fahrrad erlebte seinen triumph mit der rudy-project-mannschaft auf der ersten mtbweltmeisterschaft 14

2010 1985 do you think entrepreneurs are born or made in my case i first followed a natural intuition and then i learned from experience i was never still and as you know one thing leads to another from the outset i knew that the english language was essential to international relations however in the beginning i used an interpreter for important matters then i started to get by on my own i was looking for potential customers in the yellow pages of various countries and one after another i called them all even though many of them did not speak english we understood each other anyway i made appointments booked airfare and ground transportation in northern europe in the east in america etc that is how the commercial relationships were formed that later benefited rudy project undoubtedly my curiosity passion for creating and designing the knowledge i acquired the desire to experiment and the intuition to use color for an object that previously had always been monochromatic the choice

2010 1985 what role did your family play during this long and fascinating race that started in the sixties we all grew up together i grew as a man a husband and a father i have always done everything that i had to do along with them i traveled constantly all over the world getting off one plane and climbing aboard another arriving from the united states and then departing to japan i never stopped sure i have a great wife i married at 32 and rita was very strict but had the merit of being able to understand me to remain by my side and to give a great sense of family to me and to our children qual è stato il ruolo della sua famiglia in questa lunga e affascinante corsa a partire dagli anni sessanta siamo cresciuti tutti insieme io come uomo come marito e come padre con loro ho sempre fatto tutto quello che dovevo fare ho viaggiato costantemente in tutto il mondo scendevo da un aereo e salivo su un altro arrivavo dagli stati uniti e partivo per il giappone non mi sono mai fermato

2010 1985 the magic of change cristiano and simone barbazza we cannot say that a tried and true generational shift in the traditional sense of the term took place at rudy project the children were born literally breathing the passion that characterized their father s work despite the differences inherent in the ten years that separate them cristiano and simone were able to stand out by expressing their skills and their commitment to the family business gradually integrating into the business organization while respecting the values practiced and passed on by their parents la magia dell evoluzione cristiano e simone barbazza un vero e proprio passaggio generazionale nel senso tradizionale della definizione non possiamo dire essersi attuato nella rudy project i figli sono nati letteralmente respirando il fervore che caratterizzava l attività del padre pur con le differenze insite nei dieci anni che li separano cristiano e simone sono emersi esprimendo le loro capacità e

2010 1985 your company s headquarters is in italy but it has an almost global presence in the world what kinds of relationships do you have with the rudy product salespeople and what are these relationships based on we have many solid bonds that i would define more as partnerships rather than business relationships first and foremost our main distributors are connected to us by a unity of purpose consolidated over the years and based on mutual appreciation we are in constant contact with them we are often flying to meet them personally to understand theris needs with a glocal approach analyzing the popularity of certain models together with them gathering their impressions presenting our innovations and all the tools that facilitate their work always in pursuit of optimizing our products and making them unique we strive with hard and fast determination to differentiate rudy project models from the competition we made sophisticated innovations that left their mark and put competitors

2010 1985 marketing and communications simone how do you see the responsibility to communicate the added value of a winning company that is always on top with its unquestionably cuttingedge products like a challenge we need preparation professionalism determination and commitment to guide each of our daily choices as well as our marketing policies rudy project operates each day with a great sense of responsibility in a manner similar to what our athletes do in order to win and with the utmost respect for all members of the team that contribute to promoting the brand in the world we talk to consumers and we are very attentive and aware about new technologies these consumers select us for the value of our product and the security that our company represents in terms of service and timeliness our commitment and standards are very high because we have to work with winning athletes and partners of international standing and high notoriety this is not to say that there is no fun because

2010 1985 what are the positive aspects of being the second-born in a family like yours many in my case i can say that everything i experienced was positive from the outset perhaps because even when we were at home each of us had our own role that we executed with the utmost serenity while at the same time having fun so even when the roles became corporate everything was quite natural there are a lot of radical life choices when you are starting a new activity from scratch and this affects the entire family because of course there are a lot of daily concerns the fear of failing emerges from time to time and gives you pause having my father and older brother working in the family company was an incentive for me to focus on my role as a young entrepreneur aware of my company and personal responsibilities i have always placed a lot of importance on the role of the entrepreneur both from the company point of view when dealing with workers and the region as well as in terms of my own

2010 1985 propulsion towards future goals three men so close yet so different the clash of two generations but with the same entrepreneurial spirit that has remained intact over time the story of rudy project follows a continuous thread of enthusiasm and determination with the same ability to hit the right target rudy cristiano simone their unstoppable entrepreneurial momentum their staff their eyewear and helmets and of course their champions these are the stars of the first twenty-five years of rudy project having now successfully conquered the world rudy project is preparing to meet new challenges and cross new finish lines a sporting spirit and championship technology are the winning combination that will propel the future of rudy project forward passion genius courage and performance are the values that rudy project borrowed from the sporting world and these values will guide the company s future steps this winning combination is also perfectly applicable to corporate marketing

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