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impactxtm technology guaranteed unbreakable for life molecular semi-rigid properties for enhanced safety photochromic and polarized photochromic lenses see page 10 ergo nose ivtm adjustable nosepiece ergo ivtm patented 3fx polarized technology polarized lenses effectively block reflected glare a situation which occurs primarily near water or snow or off reflective surfaces nearby such as car windows metallic objects etc light which strikes a horizontal reflective surface is reflected back into your eyes you then get a double dose of light energy some of which falls directly on to you and some that is reflected on to you polarized lenses offer an interesting advantage because they dramatically reduce or eliminate the reflected light energy which might account for the majority of the annoying glare you can use a lighter tint to achieve the same or better degree of glare reduction and comfort compared to non-polarized dark lenses see page 12 quick changetm the system of interchangeable lenses called quick changetm is one of the basic technologies of our technical and sport glasses quick changetm technology enables you to easily and swiftly change out lenses to manage any light conditions.