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why unbreakable for life 16 lighter than cr-39 10 lighter than pc anti-scratch properties 2 superior optics impactx is stronger than any other lens material guaranteed not to break or crack even in complex rimless frame impactx impact resistance is higher than polycarbonate and passes all impact resistance standards impactx has lower refractive index internal stress and chromatic dispersion than polycarbonate resulting in sharper images higher definition reduces rainbowing and more visual comfort no stress cracking or crazing unlike polycarbonate and other materials impactx is not sensitive to stress cracking so it does not craze or break when subjected to mechanical strains processed by casting lenses in impactx are made by casting which ensures low internal stress high optical homogeneity thermal and mechanical stability such properties make impactx the material ideally suited for high quality unbreakable polarized lenses excellent optical properties impactx has lower

why 4 exclusive semi-rigid platform tailor-made impactx formula for superior safety and unparalleled protection semi-rigid platform thermal stability chemical resistance impactx polycarbonate 5 high chemical resistance enhanced visual acuity for any climatic conditions 15 seconds exposure to gasoline caracteristics density gr/cm3 refractive index abbe number chemical resistance stress cracking photochromic suitable for tactical use glass 2,53 1,52 58,4 good fragile yes no cr39 1,32 1,50 57,8 good fragile yes no polycarbonate 1,22 1,59 29 poor sensitive no good polyamide 1,01 1,51 52 medium sensitive no medium 1,11 1,53 45 good not sensitive yes excellent 6 high thermal stability impactx polymer has high thermal stability and is not subject to optical or mechanical distorsions even when exposed to temperatures in excess of 80°

de 4.exklusive halbsteife plattform maßgeschneiderte impactx-formel zur überlegenen sicherheit und zum unvergleichlichen schutz 5.hohe chemische bestÄndigkeit verbesserte sehschärfe bei jeder klimabedingung 6.hohe wÄrmestabilitÄt das impactx-polymer besitzt eine hohe wärmestabilität und unterliegt keinen optischen bzw mechanischen verzerrungen wenn es temperaturen über 80°c ausgesetzt wird fr 4.plate-forme semi-rigide exclusive formule impactx personnalisée pour une sécurité supérieure et une protection incomparable 5.haute rÉsistance chimique acuité visuelle améliorée pour toute condition climatique 6.haute stabilitÉ thermique le polymère impactx a une haute stabilité thermique et il ne subit pas de distorsions optiques ou mécaniques même s il est exposé à des températures supérieures à 80°c it 4.esclusiva piattaforma semirigida formula impactx personalizzata per sicurezza superiore e protezione impareggiabile 5.elevata resistenza chimica acuità visiva

they fit together perfectly unique integration of the clip between guardyan and kalybro the kalybro goggle is fully compatible with guardyan and can be worn over perfectly a b optical insert can be swapped from guardyan to kalybro easily thanks to a proprietary clip-on interface 1 2 3 the concept tr 90 grilamidtm chassis ergo 3tm adjustable nosepiece interchangeable lenses the removable elastic strap is adjustable and easy to apply it stabilizes the fit of the guardyantm for those who need prescription lenses rudy project has provided a special optional optical insert that can be mounted on guardyantm either in the standard version or in the goggle version this makes it possible to use a highly technical product even in the most extreme sports performances with all the convenience of wearing your own prescription lenses it is important to ask an expert optician if guardyantm is able to support your prescription lenses optional quick lock temples the shield interface in grilamid tr 55

de guardyan gewicht in unzen 1,19 gramm 34 augen-bügel-größe dbl 62 16 127 guardyantm wurde in zusammenarbeit mit militärausbildern und swat-truppen für taktische anwendungen entworfen und ist eine technische multifunktionelle sonnenbrille unglaublich vielseitig und extrem komfortabel dank der robusten umhüllenden und leichten fassung aus grilamid® eignet sich diese brille für einen optimalen umfangreichen schutz die brille guardyantm besitzt auch einen einstellbaren nasensteg ergo3tm für einen besseren personalisierten tragkomfort eine belüftete und gepolsterte gegenfassung für einen schutz auch bei extremen klimabedingungen sowie brillenbügel die mit einem elastischen kopfband für extreme tätigkeiten ausgewechselt werden können der patentierte rx-einsatz ermöglicht virtuell jeden stärkegrad und kann mit einem einfachen klick montiert werden dank der exklusiven geometrie der bügel ist die brille guardyantm mit fast allen helmen kompatibel und sie ist dadurch

tactical z87 ballistic replacement lenses sentinel exception rydon klonyx le 12 80 impactxtm pure grey ekynox sx le 96 80 impactxtm pure grey ekynox ekynox mask le 76 80 impactxtm pure grey le 73 10 tt smoke perception le 79 80 impactxtm pure grey lk 14 36 smoke ballistic lk 14 46 transparent ballistic le 42 80 impactxtm pure grey available ekynox sx tactical ekynox sx tactical exception tactical with removable ip-up ekynox mask tactical camouflage sn 76 80 79 ttp impactxtm pure grey lens matte black sn 76 80 06 ttp impactxtm pure grey lens matte black sn 96 80 06 tte impactxtm pure grey lens matte black sn 74 10 06 bte smoke black lens sentinel tactical available perception tactical with removable ip-up rydon tactical ekynox tactical klonyx v1 tactical anthracite graphite sn 12 80 33 tte impactxtm pure grey lens matte black sn 42 80 06 tte impactxtm pure grey lens matte black sn 79 80 06 tte impactxtm pure grey lens matte black sn 73 10 06 ttp smoke black lens matte black mk 14 36

optical rx inserts snap in snap out for our more technical sunglasses that cannot support a direct in frame rx rudy project has created clip-on rx optical inserts that can be snapped in behind the lenses thanks to our patented `easy-in easy-out system our clip-ons can be inserted or removed with ease this is particularly useful when you want to wear your contact lenses or when cleaning clip on std low prescriptions kit klonyx rx clip-on interface clip-on clip on series fr 96 00 00 fr 75 00 00 fr 76 00 00 fr 79 00 00 fr 42 00 00 ac 56 00 09 available available available available not available not available not available not available ekynox sx tactical sentinel tactical exception tactical rydon tactical ekynox tactical perception tactical ekynox mask tactical klonyx tactical de optikeinsÄtze rx ein und ausrastsystem für unsere technischeren brillen auf welchen keine optikgläser direkt montiert werden können hat rudy project die optikeinsätze rx clip-on entworfen die direkt

always at the peak of technology our lenses provide optical clarity and physical protection of the eye rudy project s new unique polar3fx polarized lens technology is one of the most revolutionary applications of science and optics that eliminates annoying glare and eye fatigue after years of research and refinement polar3fx was perfected by combining advanced polycarbonate technology and processes with cutting edge coatings turning conventional thinking on its head polar3fx ensures the complete and thorough elimination of glare polarized light and harmful uv rays and provides excellent eye protection its unique light absorption and molecular properties enhance contrast and depth perception while maintaining color integrity and minimizing eye strain perceived benefits include realized visual acuity enhanced sharpness reduced glare and managed polarity but don t take our words for it see yourself polar3fx a breakthrough in polarized excellence rudy project s cutting edge polarized 3fx

cool gear zyon keja 63 polar3fx tech protectortm case included new available matte black sn 22 59 06 x sn 22 81 06 polar3fx grey laser impactx photochromic clear gun metal ml 63 59 02 x polar3fx grey laser tech protectortm case deluxe ac 08 00 26 mastermind keja 64 polar3fx technical protection included new matte black sn 23 59 06 x sn 23 10 06 polar3fx grey laser smoke lens gun metal ml 64 59 02 x polar3fx grey laser sunglasses microfibre pouch ac 08 00 28 grey rydon polar3fx keja 65 polar3fx available matte black sn 79 59 06 x polar3fx grey laser gun metal ml 65 59 02 x polar3fx grey laser

skyanto tactical helmet rydon hunting shooting includes 5 pairs of lenses special edition racing redtm lens laser copper len action browntm lens yellow lens transparent lens matte black sn 79 03 06 s5 special case included skymajor syluro s-wide new eva shock absorber weight size retention s-m 11,9 oz 340 g l 13,4 oz 380 g s-m l r.s.r micro black s-m hl 36 14 21 tt l hl 36 14 22 tt chrome ml 15 51 93 skymajor smoke black deg lens black velvet sn 10 10 33 z smoke black lens skyman us skyanto has a compact sturdy yet confortable structure that guarantee maximum protection and stability de skyanto ist eine kompakte robuste aber komfortable struktur die den maximalen schutz und stabilität bietet fr skyanto présente une structure compacte robuste mais confortable et qui garantit une protection et une stabilité maximales it skyanto presenta una struttura compatta robusta ma confortevole che garantisce la massima protezione e stabilità es skyanto posee una estructura compacta

advanced science design performance made in italy since 1985 rudy project headquarters via b marcello 44 31100 treviso italy phone +39 0422 433 011 fax +39 0422 431 978 info@rudyproject.com www.rudyproject.com conception and layout rudy project r&d division 09.2007 © rudy project® all right reserved.ac 04 00