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decoration embroidery guidelines pricing lettering size parameters 4 maximum standard size names will be 3 long unless stated differently on order 1 1/2 minimum 1 3/8 custom embroidery custom design ordering parameters special lettering styles or arrangements mascots emblems or any combination that gives your garment a specialized look is custom embroidery any embroidery not shown as standard minimum order 6 garments university of hawaii fi fl o seminoles il i l in embroidery pricing is determined by stitch counts all designs require an application charge listed below all new designs require a pattern charge based on stitch count to determine stitch counts see guide below pattern charge one time charge based on stitch count up to 4,999 stitches 5,000 to 9,999 10,000 to 14,999 15,000 stitches $80.00 1 x1 2 x2 3 x3 4 x4 $130.00 $170.00 g h ti g te ta olemiss rebels design size is determined by diameter of circle at widest point design standard size will be 3 or 74mm unless specified differently maximum design size is 4 or 100mm minimum design size is 1 1/2 or 35mm maximum 5 colors per design design colors must be standard athletic colors only see color chart below 7 reorder designs are retained for three years 8 whenever possible provide sample artwork to ensure accuracy 9 due to complexity of some logos it may be necessary to omit some details n r ida s 1 2 3 4 5 6 mascot mascot mascot mascot 4,500 stitches 9,500 stitches 14,500 stitches 18,500 stitches 3/8 3/4 3/8 3/4 1/2 7/8 1/2 7/8 $220.00 or or or or 5/8 one color letter 300 stitches per letter 1 one color letter 500 stitches per letter 5/8 two color letter 1000 stitches per letter 1 two color letter 1400 stitches per letter not recommended due to small size note pattern charge for existing art poh charge $20.00 application charges pattern charges apply see chart above 6-11 12-47 48-83 84-119 120 up up to 4,999 stitches 13.80 ea 8.20 ea 6.30 ea 5.60 ea 4.00 ea 5,000 to 9,999 stitches 10,000 to 14,999 stitches 17.30 ea 20.80 ea 9.40 ea 11.90 ea 8.10 ea 11.10 ea 6.60 ea 9.40 ea 5.60 ea 8.10 ea 15,000 or more stitches 25.20 ea 14.50 ea 13.30 ea 12.70 ea 11.10 ea n/a pro twill n/a 1 0 upcharge for 3xl 20 upcharge for 4xl 5xl if available white vegas gold true red texas orange soul blue seal brown royal purple old gold navy metallic silver metallic gold maroon marlin aqua light orange light old gold light blue kelly grid iron silver gt gold gold football silver russcote emb 274 eagle grey diamond pink dark green columbia blue cardinal burnt orange blazer gold black baseball grey aqua air force blue decoration color chart n/a n/a n/a team names logos and colors are for demonstration purposes only and are not intended to suggest any affiliation with russell brands llc.